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Life is not easy for any of us, for one persons mountain, could be another persons mole hill and visa versa. When dealing with individuals who choose to place the value of monetary wealth over the value of people, I feel incredible pity. No matter what situation you may find yourself in, it is up to you to decide, how that situation, whether good, or bad, will effect you.

If you come across a challenge in life, and you decide to respond to that challenge with a perception, as though the world is against you, it most certainly will begin to feel as though this is the case. If you instead look at the situation as a challenge, that needs to be overcome, it can inspire strength, as well as reinforce mental fortitude, to be able to overcome whatever the obstacle is, that lies in your path. Learning to view Life's trials, as challenges, to be overcome, in my experience, has greatly increased my mental resilience, and allowed me to do things, which in the past, I would have never thought possible.

Looking on the bright side, regardless of what kind of scenario you find yourself in, to some may seem fanciful, however, I have encountered trials, that were rather daunting in scope, in my past, which now, I would view as mere obstacles to be overcome. While the trials in my past, have shaped the person I am today, it is not without effort, and diligence in pursuing a life of goodness, and open hearted, as well as passionate attempts at success, and having taken this perception on as my own, which has increased my ability to in fact succeed in many different ways. I am not a rich man by any means, but if that was my driving passion, I know I have the potential to become that way, monetarily speaking.

In order to live a fulfilling life, in my experience, it takes a good amount of confidence in yourself, and the willingness to at least try to succeed, and even if you in fact do not succeed in your attempt, you will have learned something, that will help you to succeed later on. I am a mental health care worker, I work as a psychiatric technician, and the reason I have poured my heart into this kind of work, is because my wife was very mentally ill, so it is something that I have had a lot of personal experience with. In my opinion, a perception of hopefulness, not doom and gloom, can make your life extremely beautiful, and immensely rewarding in so many different ways, all based on the views you take, at any given time.

Life is certainly a challenge for all of us, no matter what your financial status, or social status, whether you have a lot, or have a little, life can be whatever you choose to make it. In order to develop your self in a way, that inspires growth in a variety of different ways, my advice, is to always challenge yourself, even if it's a small challenge, this is the way to become a stronger individual. Taking a step outside of your comfort zone, is paramount to growth, for comfort and stagnation seem to go hand in hand, it's only when we push ourselves past our self limiting beliefs, that we are truly able to reach the next level of what we are capable of. Never allow another person to make you feel as though you are not capable of doing whatever you set your mind to, because if I would have done this. I would have stayed in a state of mental fragmentation, in my own hell, suffering from a myriad of symptoms which mental illness can in fact cause.

I chose to take the road less travelled, and I persistently challenge myself, to push past that which is comfortable to me, and due to this fact, I have become a person, that the old me would barely recognize, I went from weak willed, and fearful, to confident, and assertive. Challenges are what make us who we are, and help us to become who we want to be, whether that challenge is going back to school, going to therapy, exercising, public speaking, or any number of activities, that have the potential to inspire a little bit of anxiety and hesitation.

The one constant in this life, that I have found to be most certainly true, is that of change, for we are in a world where change is constant, and change as we are well aware, no matter how small, can always inspire some degree of fear, so learn to embrace fear, and you will embrace change. Make a friend from that which used to be your enemy, and you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

My drive comes from one simple concept, to be the best possible version of myself that I can be, no matter the situation. I feel this should be the goal of all of us, for the only way to truly better someone's else's life, in my experience, is through first bettering yourself, to the point you are able to offer assistance, as well as be an example which others can follow. Don't follow others blindly, instead follow your heart, and allow those who do inspire you, to turn you into your own hero.

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