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A member of the Movement for Change, and former Member of Parliament for the Adentan constituency, Yaw Buaben Asamoa has stated that the arrest of Hopeson Adorye is politically motivated.

Hopeson Adorye, a leading member of the Movement for Change, was arrested by the police over his claim that he detonated dynamites in the Volta Region during the 2016 General Elections.

Mr. Adorye made the claim during a radio interview in Accra, which has since gone viral.

In an interview with Citi News, Mr. Buaben Asamoa explained that Mr. Adorye was asked to visit the police headquarters on Wednesday and was later detained.

He added that he accompanied Mr. Adorye to the police headquarters and stated that Adorye was asked to make a statement, spending the entire day there.

However, around 6 pm, they were told that Mr. Adorye would be detained pending further instructions from above.

Mr. Buaben Asamoa believes that Adorye’s arrest is politically motivated, stating that the police are waiting for instructions from above, implying that the arrest is not solely a police decision.

He also believes that Adorye’s arrest is an attempt to muscle the Movement for Change and silence Adorye, who has been vocal about his opinions.

“Because if Hopson has been up and running and there are people who are feeling a little edgy and Jiffy about some of the things he has been saying. And this is the way of muscling him, trying to frighten the movement for change, it won’t work. I believe strongly that it’s politically motivated.”

Mr. Adorye is currently in custody and is expected to appear in court on Thursday. He has not been charged with a crime yet, but the police are investigating a case of publication of false information.

"Hopeson Adorye is not about to run away from Ghana or from his home because the police intends to charge him with the publication of false information. So to go to the extent of keeping him all day in the police station and bringing him over to the Ministries to detain him, you point fingers backward at yourself that there is something political at play and it's not fair," he said.

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