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Prior reports demonstrated French CAESAR self-pushed howitzers were caught and shipped off Russia's tank plant


A main Russian arms maker has guaranteed it had concentrated on French weapons caught in Ukraine and thought that they are deficient. The ridiculing remark proposed French President Emmanuel Macron ought to send more CAESAR howitzers to Kiev, so that more could find their direction to Russia, covering creator Uralvagonzavod said via web-based entertainment on Thursday.


France sent a small bunch of its CAESAR truck-mounted 155mm gunnery firearms to reinforce Ukrainian powers against Russia. A French political reporter guaranteed for this present week that two of them were caught unblemished and shipped off Russia, potentially to be figured out. "Much obliged to you, Macron," Regis de Castelnau said in a tweet on Monday.


In its Thursday reaction, the Russian arms producer seemed to affirm the case - or possibly applaud back at its French contest. It answered a duplicate of the tweet that de Castelnau had posted on his Telegram account.


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"If it's not too much trouble, send our gratitude to President Macron for the skilled self-impelled weapons," the Uralvagonzavod account said in Russian. It flippantly added that the French weapons were "not really good or bad," in contrast to the Russian plant's items, yet said it could figure out how to utilize the unfamiliar equipment in any case: "Bring us more, we'll destroy [them]."


The comment, which alluded to French President Emmanuel Macron, offered no proof of the case. There was no authority affirmation that any CAESAR firearms really got into Russia's hands or proof that this was the situation.


Western powers outfitting Ukraine have been hesitant to send their further developed weapon frameworks because of worry that Russia could catch and figure out them.


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