May 28th , 2023



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11 months ago

13 schools have so far reported new instances of the coronavirus, according to the Ghana Health Service (GHS).


According to Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, Director-General of the Service, this development has resulted in the closure of various businesses and schools.




On Wednesday, June 22, he indicated during a news conference in Accra that the figure may be higher since several schools have not yet reported their cases to the health organisation.




"A lot of underreporting still occurs. We are aware of around 13 schools that have reported outbreaks, but there are undoubtedly many more than 13 that have not.




"These 13 schools have seen 245 cases; 134 have recovered and 111 are still going strong.  They continue to hold out for a recovery. The good news is that none of these cases have resulted in fatalities, he informed the reporters.






We mostly experience epidemics in the workplace and schools, according to Dr. Kuma-Aboagye. Other businesses have also taken a short break to ensure they can restrict the spread, and some schools have temporarily shuttered as a result.





The Ghana Health Service has called the situation concerning, citing data that reveals instances involving youngsters in Accra have increased from 18 to 20 percent.




The GHS Director-General pleaded with Ghanaians, "Something needs to be done as far as the safeguarding of children is concerned since they are also not immunised to provide them the protection they need."


As of June 18, 2022, Ghana has a total of 1,308 active cases of the virus, with 1,448 fatalities and 218 new cases.






16,752,032 doses of the coronavirus vaccination have been given, according to the Ghana Health Service.




Over 10 million additional people have gotten at least one dose of a vaccine, leaving only 7.2 million people, or 22 percent of the population, who are completely immunised.




In the meanwhile, the Covid-19 vaccination booster injection has been administered to almost a million patients.




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