Manchester United’s Potential Lineup For 2022/23 Season With Kante And De Jong

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Manchester United’s Potential Lineup For 2022/23 Season With Kante And De Jong

Although Manchester United has not yet made a player acquisition this summer, recent rumours from numerous sources indicate they are interested in acquiring Chelsea's Ngolo Kante, a French international.


In light of the fact that Paul Pogba left the Red Devils this summer and that their midfield was frequently exposed, Kante has been chosen as the best player to bolster it in preparation for the upcoming campaign.


Another talented midfielder on the red devils' radar this summer is Dutch international Frenkie De Jong. With Ten Hag as their new manager, there is a strong likelihood that the 25-year-old will sign with them.


Ngolo Kante and Frenkie De Jong might make up Manchester United's starting lineup for the upcoming season as shown below:

Forwards: Jadon Sancho, Anthony, and Cristiano


De Jong, Bruno Fernandes, and Ngolo Kante are all midfielders.


Defenders: Raphael Varane, Raphael Torres, Luke Shaw, and Sergino Dest


David De Gea, goalkeeper



Mane's Exit is allegedly due to Jordan Henderson.

Sadio Mane's departure from the club has been attributed to Jordan Henderson, the captain of Liverpool, with a twist.


Jamie O'Hara, a football analyst, criticized the captain for remaining silent throughout the entire incident, believing that the player should have done everything in his power to retain the Senegalese at the team.


O'Hara believes that Mane is a crucial component of Liverpool's formidable threat, both offensively and defensively, and that allowing him to go for Bayern Munich without a fight was a grave error.


The former midfielder believes the Reds made a "mistake" in selling the star and is "amazed" that they let such a crucial player to leave the team.

The Liverpool board reportedly felt that rising stars Luis Diaz and Darwin Nunez would make sufficient replacements, so the sale appeared to go through.


However, despite their potential, they will still be under pressure to replace Sadio Mane's shown abilities, accomplishments, and objectives.


O'Hara was quoted as adding, "I am astonished that they have permitted him to leave.


He continues to be an outstanding player. He continues to be among the finest players on the planet.

"I can't believe they didn't consider paying him what he deserves in compensation. Even with such exorbitant prices, Mane deserves to be paid the same as other top players who make £300,000 and £400,000 a week.


"Someone else will pay him the money if they don't," he said. He must therefore recognize his value. He's approaching his 30s, so this is another significant contract for him. It's a huge loss for Liverpool, in my opinion. He is practically unreplaceable. I am aware that Nunez has been added. I believe Liverpool made a mistake by letting him go.

"We need you, Mane, I would be saying. They must go again since we have been so successful and missed out on the quad last season. If I were Jordan Henderson, I would have done anything to keep him playing for the football team. However, it might be challenging to keep a player from departing when he feels his value has been undervalued.


Till the start of the new season and even during the real season, Sadio Mane's departure from the Reds will be a hot subject.


The outcome of the deal—whether it benefits both sides or just one—remains to be seen.