46% of Ghanaians have discriminatory, stigma behaviours towards Covid-19 survivors – Research

Emmanuel amoabeng Gyebi   2022-06-24   6 Valid views

Researchers from the University of Health and Allied Sciences found that stigma and discrimination toward Covid-19 survivors was present in roughly 45.9% of Ghanaians.


The research, which was carried out across the 16 administrative districts of the nation between October and November 2020, was divided into three ecological zones: the Savannah, Middle, and Coastal zones.




43 percent of Ghana's adult population, on average, was found to have negative sentiments regarding Covid-19 survivors. About 24 percent of the more than 3,500 survey participants had poor awareness of Covid-19.




"Stigma and discriminating inclinations are significantly prevalent and are linked to risk perception, inadequate Covid-19 knowledge, and negative attitudes. People won't volunteer to take the Covid-19 test if stigma and prejudice are prevalent.

Dr. Hubert Amu and Gideon Kye-Duodu, the lead authors, asked for additional information to prevent stigmatising Covid-19 patients while speaking at a press conference hosted by the Africa Science Media Centre on Thursday, June 23.






The health and information ministries and departments, the media, and health-related NGOs, among others, should address Covid-19 stigma and prejudice, according to our results. Dispelling myths from trustworthy sources (like physicians) could help with stigma reduction.




"There is an improved probability of efficacy in enhancing knowledge regarding it," they said, "by tackling stigma at the populace level by repeating information on the condition and its consequences in local languages, through different channels."




An increase in Covid-19 instances


The number of Covid-19 cases in Ghana has significantly increased this month, putting the nation on track to see its sixth wave since the epidemic in March 2020.




As a result, several medical professionals and pundits have urged for the reinstatement of some limitations to prevent the instances from getting worse.






The majority of the Covid-19 limitations were abolished by President Akufo-Addo in March 2022.




At that time, there were few instances across the nation, with just one case of Covid-19 recorded on April 17 and only 26 people still actively infected, along with no hospitalizations.






As of June 19, 2022, there were 1,448 fatalities and 1,285 active cases in the nation.






16,752,032 doses of the coronavirus vaccination have been administered, according to the Ghana Health Service.