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Government may not meet its objective of raising some ¢4.5 billion from the Electronic Exchange Duty, as around 83% of Ghanaians have decreased their portable cash exchanges starting from the presentation of the toll.


This is as per a review report delivered by IMANI Community for Strategy and Schooling as a team with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).


"Around 83% or 8 out of ten respondents demonstrated that their volume of exchanges has changed since the execution of the e-demand in May 2022. Of this number, around 47% showed that they had decreased the quantity of portable cash exchanges by around 51% to 100 percent. Our discoveries recommend that the authority 24% wearing down rate, which the public authority gauges for the initial three to a half year following the presentation of the e-demand, is probably going to be a lot higher."


"This finding suggests that the guage GH¢4.5 billion (GHS¢60 million every month) e-demand income focus for 2022 is probably not going to be accomplished given areas of strength for the kickback and individuals tracking down elective method for undertaking monetary exchanges," parts of the study said.


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The exploration, which talked with 1,677 respondents the nation over, was pointed toward deciding the effect of the e-demand on Ghanaians and the survival techniques Ghanaians had taken on since its section in May this year.




Tested respondents demonstrated that they had tracked down elective approaches to keeping away from the e-demand which included "conveying actual money (43.8%), utilizing the standard business banks (18.1%), and taking advantage of provisos in the framework by teaming up with portable cash merchants to permit cash out (20.7%)."


Most of respondents who are against the duty feel that the public authority could decrease its consumption to raise more income.


"32% of those not supporting the e-demand demonstrated that the public authority could eliminate inefficient uses like Land Cruiser V8 vehicles, stipends, gatherings, and travel. It is clear here that


numerous residents (72.6%) feel that the public authority as of now gathers an adequate number of charges and ought to judiciously deal with the use side of the situation."


The public authority started the execution of the duty on May 1, 2022, after its underlying declaration in the 2022 spending plan.


It was decreased from 1.75% to 1.5% following fights from different partners.


The decrease was viewed as lacking by bunches that were requiring the duty to be rejected.


The public authority had wanted to round up about GH¢7 billion from the assortment of the 1.5% duty on portable cash and other electronic exchanges, yet the figure was modified downwards to about GH¢4 billion as of late.