March 24th , 2023


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The representative general secretary of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Micheal Ayuraboah has said government has walked out on educator associations and passed on them to their confidence over the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA).

Talking on 'the Pulse' on Joy News today, that's what he showed, government is liable for guaranteeing the monetary prosperity of educators.

He anyway noticed that the stance of Akufo-Addo's administration shows in any case.

"In actuality, the public authority is being coldhearted toward us. Why? The public authority pushed down our throats and to the humiliation of administration, in 2020, arranging pay rates for 2021/2022 4% and 7% separately, that was very humiliating for initiative, yet we needed to take it yet nothing has changed in the people pulling the strings as far as how we deal with this nation and how costs have been like. As a matter of fact, they are mindful under Article 36 of our constitution to guarantee that our financial prosperity is great. If expansion today, is at 27.6% and past what do you expect of the Ghanaian?" he expressed.

He included that administration's steady fault the Russian-Ukraine war can't be a reason to evade its liability since discussions on COLA started in 2020.

"I don't think there was battle in Ukraine and Russia in 2020, yet we took the 4%. I don't think there was battle in Ukraine in 2021 so for what reason would we say we are blaming that? Truth be told, the if I'm not mistaken, I don't know how as far as the sort of food that we eat, when you check the food expansion wheat and everything that come from Russia isn't what we discuss. I actually recollect very well the way in which the Agric Minister was letting us know that banana and plantain was so modest in this country. We eat and rice maize and the rest that. Apparently, they don't come from Ukraine. All we need is that we realize that fuel costs have expanded, we realize that staple and labor and products have expanded and our compensation has stayed same," he lamented.

The Coalition for Teacher Unions comprised of GNAT, NAGRAT, TEWU and CCT have today proclaimed an endless strike activity over neglected COLA starting Monday, July 4.

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