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The Financial Intelligence Center (FIC), at a two-day studio prepared a few chose writers on enemy of tax evasion and psychological warfare supporting and the seething impacts in the event that the nation neglects to really take a look at it.

The program, which was held at the Alisa Hotel in Accra from Tuesday, July 5 to Wednesday, July 6, 2022, saw numerous columnists from a few media houses in Accra partaking.

Working with the studio were Mr. Seth Nana Amoako, the Head of Compliance Unit at the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC), Manasseh Azure Awuni, an insightful writer, and other enemy of psychological oppression supporting and tax evasion facilitators from the FIC.

Mr Seth Nana Amoakoh taught the columnists about tax evasion, psychological oppression and its funding and encouraged them to track down interest recorded as a hard copy convincing tales about the impacts of these crimes to win public help.

Manasseh Azure, in his turn, urged his associates to use analytical abilities in uncovering tales about illegal tax avoidance and psychological oppression and their supporting.

He additionally encourages writers to embrace best techniques he framed to uncover stories that normally they might not have seen with their unaided eyes.

He again asked the members to be effectively associated with the program and furthermore utilize the information they would get toward the finish of the preparation.

"As great columnists, it's essential to involve our analytical abilities in managing matters in regards to illegal tax avoidance and psychological oppression and its supporting.

"Such preparation is extremely helpful in the activity of our work as writers. I have learnt numerous things numerous I didn't have any idea. So urge us all to be intuitive and gain from this vital Program," Manasseh Azure said.

Tax evasion is a monetary exchange plot that covers the character, source, and objective of wrongfully gotten reserves.

Fear monger supporting, as indicated by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), likewise alludes to the means and strategies utilized by psychological oppressor associations to finance their tasks.

The Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) fills in as the National Center for the receipt and examination of dubious exchange reports and other data applicable to the predicate wrongdoings of tax evasion, psychological oppression funding, and multiplication supporting (ML/TF and P), as well as the spread of noteworthy knowledge to skillful specialists.


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