December 10th , 2022


Richard Nimoh

4 months ago


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Market excitement is building over electric vehicle growth as it seems to get more and more prominent now. UK companies are accelerating their exposure to the rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs), which showed a big jump in 2020 global sales. More than 3.2 million plug-in hybrid and battery-powered EVs were sold last year and it looks to be that this growth should continue to carry on as we sail on through 2021. It can also be said that this kind of growth should also carry on also into 2022. That was a 43% jump on 2019’s 2.26 million despite difficulties for buyers and dealers between March and June, during the teeth of national lockdowns, and against a 14% fall in overall global car sales.

The Passive EV Car Charging market may look as up and coming though actually this is very very much a type of EV charger that looks to make some big noise in the market for EV owners already. Royal Dutch Shell for example has very recently bought one of Europe’s largest on-street electric car-charging companies to accelerate its move into low-carbon transport, German car-charger Ubitricity. The Ubitricity car-charging network includes more than 2,700 charge points across the UK, or 13% of the existing market share, and more than 1,500 charge points across Germany and France. This alone shows just how seriously EV charging is now being taken from far and wide.


Shell is not the only player though; BP has done similar. They very interestingly made the big and bold move into EV charging in the summer of 2018 when it acquired the UK’s number one charging network operator Chargemaster. As a brand, Chargemaster have made big noise and are also very very prominent in the Passive EV Charging space. If you Google anything about Passive Charging online, you are be sure they will come up and they are for sure carving out a significant market share now. This is an interesting time for the wider EV industry with investors clamouring to back businesses with clear means to tap into long-run growth in the wake of Tesla’s stunning 700% stock run in 2020.


Shell’s plan to roll out 500,000 electric charging stations in just four years is the latest sign of an EV Charging infrastructure boom that has prompted investors to pour cash into the industry. It is also thought too that this could signal a big number of investments coming from public companies now taking this industry all the more seriously. One of the reasons we find electrification of mobility so attractive is because it’s not if or how, it’s when. It is happening and it is getting more and more traction as time goes on.


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