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Criminals Reject N1.2m Ransom, Mock Nollywood Actors

The criminals of two Nollywood entertainers grabbed last week have derided the Screen Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for gathering 1.2 million naira as a payment for his delivery.

The entertainers, Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel, otherwise called Agbogidi, were accounted for missing Thursday.

This was after their family members affirmed that they didn't get back from a recording area in Ozalla Town, Enugu State.

By Saturday, their criminals had reached their families, requesting $100,000 in deliver.

In a video cut on informal organizations, the leader of the AGN, Emeka Rollas, illuminated his partners about the ongoing circumstance.

That's what he said albeit the two entertainers are as yet hostage, "the society accepts that God will play out his supernatural occurrences and stands amazed right now."

He said: "While we were conversing with the criminals, we were attempting to clear up for them that we were raising a few assets, we were contributing. We said we have about N1.2 million. Furthermore, they began chuckling at us.

"They began ridiculing us and saying, 'that multitude of VIPs posting on Instagram, why haven't they contributed?'

"I promptly understood that these individuals are checking us out. This isn't the most ideal opportunity to circle this data on Instagram."

Rollas said that the ledger of the Enugu part of AGN had been committed for the entertainers to contribute and gather the payment.

"I ask everybody to see that we make this commitment since we couldn't say whether we will at any point be in this sort of circumstance once more. However, let us implore God that not a solitary one of us at any point have this sort of involvement once more," he added.

The pursuit proceeds

Additionally, the organization's correspondences chief, Monalisa Chinda-Coker, has approached Nigerians to move forward their quest for the entertainers by posting significant data.

On her Instagram page, the entertainer noticed that the hijackers' claim is preposterous, considering that entertainers don't acquire a lot of in Nigeria.

"I don't have the foggiest idea about how individuals could believe that entertainers have cash. With the miserable aggregate we get as charges? The battle through the changes of life, medical issues, and so forth, that we face every once in a while. $100k from where?" she inquired.

Kate Henshaw requests FG

In the interim, the well known entertainer Kate Henshaw has begun a request.

The appeal tested the Federal Government of Nigeria not exclusively to get the arrival of the hijacked entertainers, yet additionally to end frailty all through the country.

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The request, which expected to assemble 5,000 marks, has previously gotten in excess of 3,000 marks.

"I began this appeal on approaching the national government to end uncertainty in Nigeria," Ms. Henshaw composed.

He said that leftover submissive is comparable to drawing the consideration of hijackers.

"I in this way approach the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to act promptly to guarantee the protected arrival of Cynthia Okereke, Clemson Cornel and different Nigerians who have fallen under the control of these malicious creatures," he added.

In the mean time, Mr. Rollas declared that the Guild will work intimately with the casualties' families and security powers to guarantee their protected delivery.

Endeavors to contact Mr. Rollas and Enugu State Police Command Police Public Relations Officer Daniel Ndukwe were ineffective as calls from PREMIUM TIMES were not returned.

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