September 28th , 2022



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Angry taxi driver strips off and ruin curses over blocked SIM cards

Cursing Over Blocked SIM, Naked Man 

The irate cab driver stripped off entirely and stood on the street.

The impact of the punitive measures being applied in accordance with the ongoing SIM re-registration procedure is causing significant public dissatisfaction.

People with unregistered SIM cards are no longer able to use some mobile network services, such as making and receiving calls, as the Ministry of Communications previously announced.

A few of these irate clients have responded angrily to this development. An angry client whose line was cut off is heard cursing in the middle of a highway in a video that GhanaWeb obtained.

In the video, which has now gone viral on social media, the irate client can be seen in his entirety holding a bottle of gin while reciting incantations to call upon curses to unblock his SIM card.

Another video depicts a scene of chaos in a service provider's office in a related incident.

The video depicts a tense altercation between an irate client and office security personnel.

Hundreds of consumers had gathered at MTN, and several of them complained about being subjected to harsh procedures despite successfully registering their SIM cards.

Some of the irate clients who talked to us claimed that they began seeing a reduction in mobile services including incoming and outgoing calls.

The customers claimed that this was significantly affecting both their personal and professional lives.

"I was forced to quit my job due to this. A client at the Akweteyman MTN office complained, "We are losing productive hours for something that is due to no fault of our own.

While I was there, the Vodafone branch in Kwame Nkrumah Circle was relatively tranquil, with only a small number of customers there for their SIM registration.

These consumers included several who had been subjected to retaliation for failing to register their SIM cards.

There were no instances of registered users of Vodafone experiencing the punitive measures.

The deadline for registering SIM cards is September 30, 2022, and the Minister of Communications and Digitalization, Ursula Owusu, announced in a Facebook post that there won't be any extensions.

"During my most recent meeting, I told the media that the SIM registration process wouldn't be continued past September 30. It was decided to begin the disciplinary measures described in the NCA press release after evaluation at the end of August.

Additionally, voice and Internet services will not be available to any SIM that has not yet finished the registration process. After that, using unregistered SIM cards would cost extra. The full extent of the fines will be made public at a subsequent press conference in September. Please do not point the finger at your service provider if you end up in that situation as a result of your own inaction. The minister declared, "Being forewarned is being forearmed."

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