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Confidential legitimate specialist, Martin Kpebu has approached the public authority to overcharge public authorities whose carelessness brings about the nation paying some judgment obligations.

Talking on Newsfile on Saturday, that's what he said albeit the public authority can't run from judgment obligation as long as it works, a few public authorities must be considered responsible assuming that they are found to make monetary misfortune the state.

"There are a few things we can't take off from as long as government runs. There will be judgment obligation yet a few wayward public officials might cause judgment obligation, so in the event that we figure out it is the shortcoming of a specific public official we ought to overcharge them," Mr Kpebu focused.

That's what he said "maybe we ought to open the discussion again on a portion of these judgment obligations explicitly to know how they were caused, so we will be aware assuming endeavors ought to be made to overcharge the public officials included. I think the law permits that."

Mr Kpebu noticed that this "basic" activity ought to be focused completely on act as a notification to other public officials to sit up to try not to cause the state monetary misfortune.

This comes after the Finance Ministry uncovered to JoyNews that the public authority has paid altogether, a measure of GH¢125 million as judgment obligation starting around 2017.

The Highest Judgment obligation was paid in 2018. A measure of GH¢30.9 million was paid to Jubilee Tractors and Assembly Plant Limited. This emerged from a body of evidence documented against the National Security Council. In 2017, a measure of 29.5 million cedis was paid to NDK Financial Services.

President Akufo-Addo's administration somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2020 paid GH¢120million of GH¢125million in all out judgment obligation.

Up to this point, GH¢2.8 million in judgment obligation has been paid by the public authority in the year 2022.

In the mean time, the Fellow responsible for Finance and Economy Pillar at the Center for Social Justice has said that administration needs to lay out a data set that discloses data on judgment obligations.

That's what dr Theresa Blankson said "if you have any desire to reestablish confidence in administration then you should be straightforward in these issues. So generally we really want to have a register that is enumerating this multitude of agreements."

"We want to have an information base showing the judgment obligation that is given, what is paid and what is exceptional. We really want a data set to get a portion of these things moving and it ought to be unveiled," she added.

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