December 6th , 2022


Emmanuel Adjei

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2 months ago

Tosin Kolade, 20, has been detained by the Oyo State Police Command in connection with the rape and murder of Ifeoluwa Apanpa, 17, inside a church in the Olodo neighborhood of Ibadan, the state's capital.

The teen girl was allegedly on her way to church when the suspect approached her under false pretenses in his nearby church and asked for help.

The suspect said his mother works in the church's sanitation department, which gives him access to the church key, when he was shown to the media on Tuesday, September 20, at the State Police Headquarters in Eleyele, Ibadan.

I left the office on September 17, 2022, at about 1 p.m. because there was no work that day. We were only dozing off at the store. My supervisor advised me not to stay too long when I informed him I wanted to go and relax.

"Since my mother is the church housekeeper, I took the key to our church when I came home and went to church. I gathered all of the church's chairs together since I knew when Ifeoluwa would pass through our church on her way to her church. When she finally arrived, I requested she help me carry some of the filled chairs.

"I told her not to yell as I pulled the knife out of my pocket. I tried to frighten her into getting her phone, but she dragged the knife behind her, causing it to fall to the ground. While attempting to flee, she also lost her balance and smacked her head on the ground. She was so frail that she was unable to stand; I raped her and seized her phone. I asked her for her password, but she provided it to me incorrectly. I strangled her when I found out," the suspect said.

Adewale Osifeso, the command's spokesperson, informed reporters on behalf of Police Commissioner Adebowale Williams that officers assigned to the Iyana-Offa Divisional Police Headquarters had been informed of the teenager's abrupt disappearance. The teen had left for church at around 2 o'clock and had not yet returned home.

According to the PPRO, "On Friday, September 17, 2022, at or around 2030 hours, the Command was notified by personnel attached to the Iyana-Offa Divisional Police Headquarters about the sudden disappearance of a (17) seventeen-year-old female who, according to the report, left for church at or around 1600 hours and had not yet returned home.

"A search party was organized almost immediately to clarify all potential explanations for the disappearance. While this was going on, an unidentified caller made a call to the deceased's parents to make it obvious that the deceased had been abducted.

According to preliminary research, the deceased's lifeless body, which was later discovered next to a Bible school in Olodo Area, may have been handled before her tragic demise because it had bloodied genitalia and evidence of a struggle.

"In addition to the foregoing, the Command has in its possession one Kolade Tosin "m," 20, who has voluntarily admitted to carrying out the malicious activity, thanks to diligent technologically driven intelligence and investigation.

The State Criminal Investigation Department is actively monitoring the case while the investigation is ongoing, and we will provide updates as soon as we get them.


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