December 10th , 2022


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A single mum has been fined £300 after neighbors complained about loud sex noises that 'sounded like a porn movie.

Kristin Morgan, 41, of Llay, Wrexham, was also advised to apply for a grant to insulate her home to help stop the noise.

Morgan admitted four offenses but blamed her son and his girlfriend for the disturbances.

A neighbor who lives near the house said that initially it 'sounded like a porn movie' coming from the bedroom upstairs but 'then people realized it was actually for real.

In a hearing at Wrexham Magistrates Court, the offenses care worker Morgan admitted were all related to failing to comply with an abatement order that she stop the noise 'created by clearly audible vocalizations relating to lovemaking and loud conversations late at night and in the early morning'.

Morgan's son Aled, 23, said the situation had been a 'nightmare' and the family hadn't meant to upset anyone.

Morgan's pensioner father, son, and teenage daughter lived at the property. 

Neighbors said they had repeatedly complained to the council as the noise was happening during the lockdown and it was 'making some people quite upset.

They added that the family was given multiple warnings 'but nothing happened' and residents are hoping the decision from the court 'will put an end to it all. 

The offenses spanned from December 26, 2021, to April 4. 

Prosecutor Louise Edwards, for Wrexham County Borough Council, said that following a party at the property in July 2020, the authority first became aware of problems with noise.

Miss Edwards said neighbors had numerous recordings of noise issues at the property and despite warning letters and advice provided to the family, there were further complaints.

An enforcement officer had suggested Morgan swap rooms with her son and his girlfriend but after doing so the noise continued so neighbors installed noise monitors.

Miss Edwards said the noise monitor confirmed the loud noises from 'sexual activities' had continued.

She added: 'Neighbours have suffered noise nuisance for an unacceptable period which they described as a horrendous experience which has affected their health. 

'They no longer feel happy in their own home and feel on edge.'

Morgan, who represented herself in court, told the magistrates she had been trying to save money to insulate her 'rundown' house. 

She was fined £300 and will also have to pay £534 in costs. 

Court chairman Andrew Stubbs said it was clear the noise needed to stop but they recognized Morgan had taken some steps and that she may be eligible for a grant to insulate the home. 

Morgan's son also faces four offenses under the Environmental Protection Act but his case has been adjourned in his absence until October. 


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