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Dr. Winfred Nii Okai Hammond, the Ghanaian ambassador to China, said on Thursday that the repatriation to Ghana of En Huan—also known as Aisha Huan—had nothing to do with the Ghanaian embassy in Beijing.

Because of alleged unlawful mining activities in the Ashanti Region, a Chinese national was deported from Ghana to China in December 2018. He claimed the person "did not take any visa from us."

Dr. Hammond made these remarks while two Chinese investors visited him in his office to discuss, among other things, investments in Ghana, the development of jobs for Ghanaians, and the transfer of technology to support economic growth.

According to Dr. Hammond, it was important to address some erroneous accusations made against the Ghana Embassy for aiding Miss Huan's return to Ghana by providing her a visa. He made this statement to The Ghanaian Times.

While stating that the law must be followed to the letter, he said that En Huang's case must be handled with extreme sensitivity in order to preserve the positive relationship Ghana and China have established.

While acknowledging the many legitimate Chinese companies operating in Ghana that are boosting the country's economy, Dr. Hammond underlined that those who break the law must face the consequences.

Following her detention, En Huang had already been in court twice: first on September 6 at the Circuit Court and again on September 16 at the Accra High Court in relation to several offenses.

En Huang and three other defendants, Jong Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huiad Hiahu, were accused in the Accra Circuit Court with illegal mining in Ghana as well as the sale and acquisition of minerals without a permit.

The accused was remanded on September 16 until October 11 by the Accra High Court, which was presided over by Justice Lydia OseiMarfo.

En Huang was accused of engaging in mining operations without a license, facilitating the participation of those engaged in mining operations, illegally employing foreign nationals in violation of section 24 of the Immigration Act, 2000 (Act 573) and entering Ghana while being prohibited from re-entry in violation of section 20(4) of the Immigration Act, 2000 (Act 573) by the prosecutor, Mr. Godfred Yeboah Dame, the Attorney-General, and the Minister of Justice.

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