December 6th , 2022


Osei Nuamah

2 months ago


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2 months ago

Legendary Ghanaian music star Charles Kwadwo Fosu popularly known as Daddy Lumba has reacted to a kind gesture done to him by multiple award-winning rapper Stormzy.

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, Stormzy appeared on stage wearing a T-shirt with the image of Daddy Lumba hugely embossed on it.

The gesture caught the attention of many who commended him including Daddy Lumba.

According to Stormzy, the gesture was to celebrate a legend he grew up listening to.

Reacting to the gesture, Daddy Lumba in a post on Facebook wrote;

“I was immensely touched by Stormzy’s homage to me last night at the Global Citizen Festival. 

I would like to take this opportunity to share my gratitude and appreciation for the public display of love. 

To say that the gesture was heartwarming and humbling is an understatement. 

Thank you very much!”

Also read a snippet of  my previous article;

Kristen came into my life during one of my lowest moments. That’s my daughter’s name; the one I just found isn’t mine. Her mother and I had been in a relationship for two years when things started going wrong. She lost her job and became a stay-at-home girlfriend. Whenever she went for job interviews, the results were always negative. Eventually, she decided to stop looking and was permanently chatting on her phone.

I put up with her because I loved her but things were also getting tough on my end. My younger brother had just finished secondary school and wanted to come live in the city. It didn’t seem like much of a problem until he got here. He barely helped around the house and was constantly getting into fights with my girlfriend.

Within a short period, I received news that my father had passed away after a short illness. Everything seems bleak. My home was a permanent war zone and I didn’t know how to deal with it. That was until I received news from my girlfriend that she was pregnant and was keeping the child.

It came via text as she had briefly moved to a friend’s house as I sorted out my brother’s situation. It became apparent that I had put my brother out.

“She’s pregnant. There’s nothing I can do now.” I tried to explain to him.

“I don’t buy it. She’s just using it as an excuse to come back to the house.”

“I have to take her word for it and you have to move out.”

“Fine, bro. Just know that she’s playing you. That woman isn’t good.” He said.


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