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A year ago

Last Saturday, a fire destroyed their home in Ahiatsikope, close to Dzodze in the Volta Region, killing Joyce Fianu, 26, and her nine-year-old niece.

Christie Fianu was the name of the girl.

Mavis Odor, the deceased's older sister, was taken for emergency treatment at a hospital in Accra after suffering severe burns.

The lunchtime fire damaged the family's possessions and the house's roof.

According to Joy Ayim Ameyibor, the GNFS's Volta Regional Commander, who led the Daily Graphic on a site tour last Tuesday, Joyce sold petroleum products in bottles and other containers kept in the kitchen.


He claimed that while she was cooking on a gas cylinder that fateful day, an "OKADA" rider arrived at the house to purchase fuel.

The petrol bottle she was holding slid off her hand as she served the customer, bursting into flames as it did so. As a result of the explosions from the other containers, the fire quickly spread to other areas of the house.

The attempts by neighbors to put out the fire and save the victims, according to Ms. Ameyibor, an Assistant Chief Fire Officer 1 (ACFO), were ineffective.

He said that when members of the Dzodze-based GNFS team arrived on the site, the damage had already been done.

GNFS group

He claims that the GNFS crew observed the two dead bodies outside, close to the home's entrance.

He claimed that while the matter was being looked into, the bodies had been transported to Saint Anthony Hospital in Dzodze.

Concerned about the region's growing tendency to sell fuel in containers, ACFO Ameyibor stated that the public and families were in grave danger from the practice.

According to ACFO Ameyibor, gasoline should never be kept at home.

He pleaded with the assemblies to act swiftly to put an end to what he called the "micro-retailing of fuel" in homes and on mountains.

The fire personnel also give the residents advice on how to use their gas and oil in their residences.

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