December 6th , 2022


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Samuel Koku Anyidoho, the founder and CEO of the Atta-Mills Institute, has stated that Ghana needs a new breed of optimistic thinkers who are willing to find hope in themselves rather than in others.

He claims that while there are plenty of capable men and women in Ghana who can envision realistic and achievable growth trajectories, the true obstacle is dedicated leadership, which revolves around integrity.

God is not an evil God, and as a result, He did not create just one Kwame Nkrumah. Instead, He created all of us and gave us a variety of talents and abilities, but we have chosen to remain ignorant of our true nature.

Dr. Ishmael Yamson, Rev. Dr. Gordon Kisseh, and Rev. Dr. Shadrach Ofosu-Ware were among the speakers during an intergenerational leadership dialogue for youth groups being mentored in relation to mindset transformation for nation-building that took place at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The program was run by PALI Ghana, an independent charity with a Christian orientation that aims to instill enduring values in young people.

Ghana needs a new generation of optimistic thinkers who are prepared to find hope in themselves rather than in others, according to Koku Anyidoho.

"Over the years, I've shown myself that I don't need to adopt other people's viewpoints in order to think: I have faith in my own abilities and God-given talents, so I pray and seek what needs to be pursued." Who's to say you can't do it if I can?

The youth groups were selected from a few higher education institutions in Accra, the Eastern Region, and the Central Region.

The Atta-Mills Institute (AMI) is a public policy advocacy think tank with a mission to strengthen Ghana and other countries through mindset transformation. It's interesting to note that in July 2019, the AMI had its first inaugural event at the same Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.

For the record, President John Evans Atta-Mills erected the modern buildings that the Academy is housed in.


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