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9 Interesting facts on why women don’t approach men I will show you.


1.They feel cheap;Women don’t approach men because they feel cheap and are eazy to do away with. That is their thoughts on men though.


2.Men do think they are weak: A woman might express her feelings to her fellow man but they will think  they are weak and are like garbage sitting in a refuse dump.Nobody wants it.

 3.They think they will be taken for granted :The points above lays more emphasis on this particular point.Women who comes first are normally taken for granted.they  smell cheating and forms in the air before making a proposal.


4.They pride ,they love it.: A friend once said ‘’women also loose good men too’’ .As a women loose a man before realizing it ,she finds it shy and difficult expressing how their separation has affected  her she feel adamant to kneel before men even if they know it is the ideal way to go but because of their  pride and arrogance some class  matters in the environment in which they breed they will not be able to sacrifice it for their men they adore.

5. its Traditional for men to approach.Women don’t approach because tradition says so.In India , women do approach as it is spelled  in their cultural  forms .


6.Is only whores that approach men.:Is assumed that Women who are ladies of the night are the the type of women who are made to approach . However ,the men are assumed to think that it is a strange world  and that these women want to use them as sex slaves or maybe rituals.

7.The men will abuse them afterward.Men are thought to abuse women afterwards their women have propose .They may do that because the men don’t want their women feel they are weak either.

8.They may feel insecured;Women feel insecured because they may be an instant where the proposal was unexpected and that the man may be denying the woman in her life during the conversation. Maybe because they are impressed  by the woman’s possessions.

9. Approaching men is approaching your abuser, your stressor :Men who are approached are thought to be abusive and  that  they have control over their women. They tend to abuse women who are trying to help them sea their fish.


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