February 6th , 2023


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Vinicius needs to improve, according to Ancelotti: Provocation is not fair play. 

Before Madrid's final game before the World Cup, the Italian spoke to the media. 

He must be a little relieved that the inquiries will now no longer be the same. Before the season ends for the World Cup, Carlo Ancelotti spoke with the media for the final time. Real Madrid must recover from its loss against Rayo on Monday, especially in light of FC Barcelona's victory over a tenacious Osasuna team last night. 

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Given that Benzema and Rüdiger did not participate in the team's morning practice, we already know they are unavailable.

The team is quick to point out that the Ballon d'Or winner is not hurt; rather, he is just uneasy about his fitness. Rüdiger, on the other hand, is injured and is unable to participate. Ancelotti didn't seem upset; he merely stated that the Frenchman "tried, but hasn't been able to help the team. With his minor ailment, he hasn't been able to return. When questioned about if this injury may jeopardize Benzema's World Cup chances, he dissipated the anxiety by saying: “No. It's only minor and not important. 

Vinicius Junior's perspective

Vinicius Junior has received a lot of attention for what seems to be his propensity to insult the opposition during games. Many have come to believe that he has become conceited as a result. As per usual, Papa Carlo was present to calm everyone down, but not before expressing his opinions on how other players treat Vinicius. He claimed: "Vinicius is the one who gets the most fouls, hits, and pushes despite the perception that he is provocative." There is no need to treat him disrespectfully, either as a football player or as a person, because the truth is different. I'm referring to all of them, not just the best players.

  • "Here [Vinicius] has to improve," Carlo said after a protracted pause and a blank expression that was accompanied by an abnormally arched left eyebrow. You enter the field to play football, not to provoke. Provoking is not fair play. But since he's still young, he can undoubtedly still do better. He plays football because he enjoys it. He doesn't frequently provoke players, and when he does, it's challenging to rectify because the players don't view it that way. 
  • Modifying Madrid's successful formula

When asked if he had considered changing the starting eleven players as a result of playing so many games, the boss responded in the affirmative: "I believe that rotations are crucial, but you also need to consider the team's dynamics. It seems strange to leave out players like Valverde or Rodrygo, who score in every game. Despite the World Cup, I don't consider benching the international players because I am confident that they will give it their all while they are here. 

Finally, Ancelotti was asked if the World Cup had anything to do with Real Madrid's sluggish season finale: "The World Cup is there, but in the month running up to it, I haven't seen anyone practicing."

The scenario is straightforward: despite not being in our finest physical shape, we performed admirably during the World Cup. 

The rest of the year, he said, "has been terrific, although the end of the year wasn't ideal and made us unhappy, plus the defeat versus Leipzig hurt us. "We achieved our goal of winning the Champions League, and as a result, certain key players, like Benzema or Courtois, missed a few games.

However, I'm not here to find justifications. 

Tomorrow at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid takes on Cadiz before the league is suspended for the World Cup in Qatar.