March 24th , 2023


Oyewale Akano

4 months ago


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4 months ago

Many people don't know the power of positivity. Positive thoughts goes a long way in someone's life. It helps to boost one's confidence to face any kind of situation one might be in. Saying positive things to yourself when you wake up in the morning is a very important thing to be doing. We all know there's power in the tongue but this goes way beyond just power of the tongue. It helps to keep one fit psychologically. Which in turns reflects on one's physicality. In terms of fitness our body has to match up and be able to accommodate the fitness of the mind too.

If one's mind is fit and but the body is not then there will always be a comma. In regard to this it's good to exercise the body at least twice a week. If the body is fit and mind is not fit there will be some problems as well which will absolutely reflect in everything one does. 

You have to think anything before you say them. Everything first comes from the mind. Reshape your mind to think these things. Then say them in words and prophecise them into your life. Say them with a lot of confidence and believe as you say them.

Have you discovered yourself?. 

What's your purpose in life?.

You need to be able to answer those two questions above before positivity can work in your life.

Positivity brings possibility.

Possibility brings breakthrough and results. Yes these things works like magic incase you have no idea.

Positive words to say to yourself every morning :

1. I'm a winner - Declare yourself a winner no matter what your situation or circumstances might entail.

2. I'll be successful - By saying this it means you already have faith that you will be successful. That everything you lay your hands upon will turn to gold.

3. I'm growing - Tell yourself you're growing. It doesn't matter how slow. All that matters is that you're growing at your own pace.

4. I'm important - Tell yourself you're important and believe it. Yes you're very important. Because even the anus is important. 

5. I'm free - Say to yourself that you're free. Free of pains, free of failures and setbacks, free of envy, free of every negative thoughts.

6. I'm the best - Tell yourself you're the best. Tell yourself no one comes close to you. You're the best. You're one of a kind

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