February 6th , 2023


Oyewale Akano

2 months ago


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The popular Nigerian Disk jokey Florence Otedola popularly know has Dj Cuppy has gotten engaged to a British boxer Taylor.

After a whole lot of speculations about Dj cuppy's marital status on social media, we saw Dj Cuppy been proposed to in a viral video.

Dj cuppy cuppy has got people talking about how secretive she has been when it comes to her relationship till the engagement video surfaced yesterday. 

Dj cuppy was once seen with Anthony Joshua whom people thought they actually had something going on between them. They were hanging out a lot before Dj cuppy came out to Declare that she was single. Maybe it was actually Dj cuppy crushing on Anthony Joshua and not the other way round.

She was also known to be involved with a twitter influencer who goes by the name "Lerry".

Lerry has always been a fan of Cuppy and also had a crush on her. Lerry was always seen commenting under every post on cuppy's timeline. Cuppy noticed this and asked for a twitter space conversation with Lerry which he gladly accepted. They got talking and we were able to hear some of their conversations. After they had a one on one conversation I was able to deduct that Lerry didn't make an impression on Cuppy. He was talking off point most of the time and Cuppy wasn't impressed. It was only normal she moved away from Lerry even though Lerry still had his hopes up. 

Honestly if I was Cuppy too I wouldn't want to date a guy like Lerry as it was glaring that he was dull. He had his one shot and played it to throwing. And that was the last time we had anything about cuppy or anyone getting together until yesterday when the video surfaced. She kept things on a low with Taylor until yesterday. 

Taylor happens to be a British boxer just like Anthony Joshua and her ex before the buzz around herself and Anthony Joshua.

I guess it's safe to say Dj cuppy like fighters.

We wish them a good life together.

Here is the video.


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