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Fixed match Kickoff 2022 FIFA world cup 

Social media has had this trend 1:0 Qatar since Friday 18th November 2022 and it has got the football fans and social media fans talking. It is circulating on social media, specifically, twitter with the hashtag ( #Qatar 1:0 )and YouTube from an unknown source that the opening match of the FIFA world cup staring the host nation, Qatar playing against Ecuador will end 1:0 and the football fans and social media is talking about this. Football fans and the betting investors are well alert wanting to know how true this fixture is. Most of these people are searching twitter and other social media platforms to know what's going on. Twitter is trending with this hashtag (Qatar 1:0) and comments are glowing under these posts where fans are asking how and where is the source from. Upon my search for this rumour, I found out a video which was live streamed on YouTube and Instagram which had a young man talking about the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador on 20th November 2022, Sunday. He made mention of some names and then said there has been a bid and a bet on the starting match and this is between Qatar and the Ecuador players that the Qatar bord has paid sums of money to Ecuador players on the deal of making Qatar score 1 and win the opening game against Ecuador. This has brought the fans of football to a state in mind of investing their last monies into this game and others are also complaining that this will leave the world cup not credible. We want a fair football and we love world cup competitions so some fans just hate this idea. Others are also saying it a false allegation. Let's wait for more info and watch to see if this is true. 

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