December 6th , 2022



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When you drive quickly, it makes the guitar sound like rage.

The Abarth 500e marks the beginning of a brand-new era for Abarth.After a few teasers and an apathetic Italian film crew that showed the entire vehicle a full week before its official launch, the announcement did not surprise us.One thing Abarth managed to keep a secret is that it can also be used as a drop-top.

The news is both positive and negative.We'll begin with the great first.The Abarth has a longer wheelbase, better weight distribution, and improved torque delivery when compared to our favorite ICE models, thanks to the new 500e's electric architecture. It is "faster and more exciting in both urban and suburban driving," according to Abarth.

Although Abarth claims it can go from 0 to 62 mph in seven seconds, it probably feels faster.Because of the instantaneous delivery of torque, electric vehicles almost always appear to be faster than their advertised speeds.The Italian manufacturer provided more useful acceleration figures due to the likelihood that the majority of people will use the Abarth 500e in the city.It is 50% faster than the Abarth 695 with a turbocharged gas engine from 12 mph to 25 mph.It is a full second faster than its ICE brother to go from 25 mph to 37 mph in just 1.5 seconds. It goes faster from 37 mph to 62 mph by one second.

Around Stellantis' well-known Balocco test track, the 500e wins by more than a second over the 695.The 500e's ability to enter and exit a corner at a higher speed, probably due to the extremely low center of gravity, is the primary reason, according to Abarth.Compared to the standard Fiat 500e's 117 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque, the claimed power output is 152 horsepower and 173 lb-ft of torque. The Abarth's 42 kWh battery is larger than we anticipated.Abarth claims that it can reclaim 80% of the unknown range in 35 minutes with 85 kW fast charging, but no range claims are available.

The tourism mode can help you save some money. It restricts power output to 162 lb-ft and 134 horsepower.However, the 500e, which will make its debut in the United States in 2024, is a better option if you want to conserve energy.

The Scorpion Street and Scorpion Track modes intrigue us much more.Scorpion Street allows you to drive with only one pedal and gives you full power.Regenerative braking kicks in as soon as you release the gas pedal.Fundamentally, this is a no-lift sort of vehicle.Everyone will be aware of your lifting.

Strangely, Abarth didn't say anything more about the Scorpion Track mode other than that it was made for people who wanted the best performance.We anticipate a reduction in the number of electronic babysitters.You are aware that ICE Abarths have a pleasant sound if you have driven one.It is hilarious to hear a turbocharged engine's distinctive whistle and rorty exhaust sounds coming from such a small vehicle.

There are two ways Abarth circumvents the new EV's silence.An Acoustic Vehicle Alert System, a collection of guitar sounds, is included in the vehicle as standard equipment.Using a guitar, the usual zoom-zoom sounds are recreated.When the car travels at speeds greater than 12 mph, the guitar strumming becomes more intense.We can't wait to hear about this exciting idea in action.

If you don't like that, you can get the Sound Generator as an option, which mimics the sound of an Abarth gas engine.The sound generator gets a pass from us because we strongly believe that EVs should focus on what they are good at. Outwardly, the Abarth 500e presents the new, modernized, and zapped Scorpion logo. A rear diffuser, model-specific alloy wheels, sportier front and rear bumpers, and titanium gray mirror caps complete the package.

In contrast to the standard Fiat LED pattern, the Abarth's LED headlights have their own distinctive Abarth signature.The brand-new electrified Scorpion logo is emblazoned with dark titanium gray Abarth lettering on the front and rear brakes.

A 10.25-inch touchscreen with the most recent Uconnect touchscreen interface and live updates is one of the standard convenience and comfort features.As with previous Stellantis performance products, it also displays model-specific performance pages.Additionally, compatibility with Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay is available.A wireless charger, climate control, a wearable key, and a JBL sound system to play the angry guitar performance tunes are also included.Abarth is introducing a limited-edition 500e Scorpionissima in time for the European launch.We can forget about getting one of those in the United States because we still have a long time to wait for the new models from Fiat and Abarth.

At the most recent LA Auto Show, Fiat announced that the 500e would go on sale in the United States in early 2024. Because the American standard is still in development, Fiat decided to display three one-of-a-kind creations instead.

Although the Abarth 500e hasn't been confirmed for the United States, we don't see any reason why Abarth shouldn't follow Fiat's lead and bring the small 500e to the United States.When the American-spec 500e debuts at the 2023 LA Auto Show next year, it is likely that pricing and availability will be announced.


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