December 6th , 2022



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The questions wander in our minds and hearts, one of them being the question of human existence. We are attracted to many things like money, work, sexuality, etc. But has it ever occurred that someone asked himself what is the purpose of this existence? Why am I here? And how even a simple question might cause us a lot of anguish?

Is Heaven and Hell as real as they are described? Or are they just stories to motivate us? In this blog we'll stick to the truth behind what people teach us. From a young age, I've always been worried about my existence. What was done to me in this world and what I have to do for eternity. I always tried to convince myself that someone would come for me when i do not exist anymore but unfortunately i must live, live as a living being with the mindset of religion to live my life in order to spend it with Christ till death so as to make it to Heaven or die to Hell for an eternity.

As worrisome as these thoughts could be, with each and everyone of us not choosing our existence but people pushing us against our will to live with only one mandate - to express our gratitude and reverence to God for all life time.

In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve a commandment to not eat from the tree of knowledge. However, God also gave them freedom to choose good and evil. Thus, Adam was given a choice by God. But, if he made wrong choice it's still God's decision and we are responsible for our actions. How then should we be judged?

 Many are born with their mindset about the human creation , why we are actually born or created in this context? If God is as real as the religious people classify him, how has he then not revealed himself to us to make things quite simple for us. I guess we will believe and live our lives like we will die tomorrow. But no, the God who created humanity is all mysterious and knows what he’s doing.

We are not supposed to question God, because God is the only one who knows. But since we cannot know everything, and people do have questions, what would be wrong in simply asking a question? Is it not time for humanity to step up and use this wonderful tool of questioning that God has given us?

I chanced upon a grown Muslim who portrays someone who has devoted his whole life and career for Allah. But the Christian believes that the worship of God is wrong, which stands to reason that this man must have devoted his entire life to vanity. Does this make any sense at all!

People naturally cringe when they hear about death and may even wonder if the topic is real or not. They just don't understand what it means to you, nor do they care! But if people were to know how everything works on this planet and in this solar system, then they could understand what it means to be human.

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