February 5th , 2023



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2 months ago

The Parable of The Talents

The parable of the talents is a well known parable, these are my takeaways from this famous parable from Yeshua Hamashiach.

Just as the master entrusted his servants with his money (talents) with the expectation that they would be faithful and use them wisely to make more money, God also has given to us different gifts and responsibilities here on earth with the expectation that we would be faithful and use them to serve each other and to glorify Him, He wants us to be fruitful and to multiply. 

The master in the parable also gave each servant a different amount of talents, to each according to his own ability. I believe that God also gives to us what He knows we can handle, He won’t entrust us with what we can’t handle. What I also learn from this is God doesn’t see any service as too small. The master gave a servant only one talent and still expected him to be faithful with it. So we don’t need to do something big before we feel like we are serving God, even with very little, we can faithfully serve God and when we are faithful in little, more will be entrusted to us. 

The parable also stated that the lord of the servants came back after a long time to settle accounts with them. We all are waiting for Jesus to come back and it can feel like it’s been a long time and He still hasn’t come, because of this we may slack. Because we don’t know when He is coming, we are always to be ready so that when He does come, we can approach Him with confidence knowing that we have been faithful with what He has given us. 

So to conclude, whatever gifts God has given us or wherever He has placed us to serve, let us not be like the unfaithful servant who hid his talent but let us be the salt and light of the world and faithfully serve God and each other so that His name may be glorified. By doing so, we can expect a reward greater than anything we could imagine, eternal treasures that do not perish.