December 6th , 2023


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A single image that shows a brand-new head-up display (HUD) system has been provided by BMW for our first look at the production Neue Klasse vehicles. In his keynote speech at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), BMW boss Oliver Zipse announced the new generation of HUDs for Neue Klasse vehicles.


Zipse stated, "It is more than a vision." We introduce this new concept into the "Neue Klasse." "Our customers will be able to experience this brand-new technology in their vehicles as early as 2025 or the year after that."


This provides us with our first glimpse of the innovative new platform, as promised. The new HUD will not be included in the next version of BMW's iDrive infotainment operating system, as the company has stated that it will not be available until later this year. This new setup is a more practical version of the system that was shown in the iVision Dee concept. It lets the driver choose how much digital content they see on the head-up display (HUD), which can be anything from analog displays and information about driving to augmented reality projection, which turns the entire windscreen into an immersive display, and more.


Although it is unclear how customizable the production HUD depicted above will be, initial impressions are positive; it appears that the display is clear and simple to read. Matthias Junghanns, head of interior design for the BMW i, stated last year that large screens are unnecessary. His point is made in this teaser. In the teaser, a single, continuous, curved display is placed below the windscreen to show the selected drive mode, current speed, the media that was selected, location, and time. A conventional HUD projection can also be seen projected onto the windscreen; however, as BMW prepares for the new system's market launch in 2025, we have no doubt that additional features will be demonstrated.


Last year, Zipse stated that the Neue Klasse platform would be "concentrated on the 3 Series segment" at launch. This could indicate a new i4 electric sedan or even a new take on the i3 sedan that is offered in China.

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