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Flawsome_poetry, [11/10/2022 8:16 AM]

Dazed Hearts in Plainsight

One could envision his fantasy

Every one of the subtleties and shine imagined so well

An outline for what we assume we want

We could track down water in look for fire

At the point when the brain has no will

In any case, to adapt to the heart and its rush

Where names and status don't make any difference

Exactly the way that you feel and out of nowhere everything is lighter

As though being you has never been simpler

You might search for something eyes completely open

However so heedless to see what's wonderfully woven

Indeed, even those captivating petals were once covered up

Wilted in our vision till they bloom as though it's prohibited

We look for affection with our eyes

However we neglect its secret inside the heart lies

It's not the inclinations of the lips

However, the orchestra of words mends

It's anything but an unexpected licentious kiss

In any case, a hug that gives you harmony

It's anything but an exchange hanging tight for the other to miss

Maybe unconditioned considering every second euphoria

Not a prearranged act comes however you see fit

Maybe unexpected blended feelings that you can't excuse

It's a question of decision in its nonattendance

It's showing up when nobody does

Are you ready to fall once more

To that equivalent grin like you're crazy

Are you able to stroke her palm

Give them warmth and keep them from hurt

Are you able to kiss her cheek

In any event, when she is pale and powerless

Run your finger through her falling hair

However making a plunge her excellence with each gaze

Becoming old is definitely not a decision nor enough

Worried she's gone with only a hack

At the point when minutes consider time everlasting cuz that is all you have

However you can't envision another person to adore

In wellbeing and ailment together forever

Eventhough in weeks her final gasp will leave

You value the minutes till they become a memory

For those looking through the window it seems like hopelessness

Not how you envisioned it to be

Yet, for you love wasn't a fantasy nor a dream

It accompanied somebody you least expected nonchalantly

With its high points and low points so truly showered in delicacy

Maybe this sounds confounded

Perhaps we're not so devoted

Maybe on the off chance that we look for affection with our souls not our eyes

Perhaps we'll view it as obvious not simply lies

Maybe assuming that we communicated in the language of the spirits

Perhaps it will end up being A memorable Stroll not simply 12 PM walks

Maybe we could stagger to one another like London and jamie

Also, perhaps finding genuine affection wouldn't simply be so murky



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