March 24th , 2023


Osei Gabriel

A month ago


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A month ago

Few days ago, news broke out about the Food And Drugs Board Authority (FDA) closing down the popular Easley joint at Accra Oyibi called “Yellow Sisi) due to suspicion of food poisoning leading to the death of one person and about 50 hospitalized.

After the closing down of the food joint, investigations by the Food And Drugs Board Authority (FDA) were still ongoing to find the actual cause of the mass destruction that happened. Today the 30th of January 2023, the FDA released a detailing information of what may have led to the incident. In the report, they revealed that, the owner of the “Yellow Sisi” admitted to adding a left over stew to the new one prepared the previous day, this information was revealed on Joy News by senior regulatory officer of the FDA Maureen Lartey.

"Through our investigation we got to know that some of the stew was left overnight on Thursday evening till Friday morning, mixed with fresh stew and served," she said.

Earlier, the FDA made a post on their official Facebook page with suspicion that, the cause of the sad incident may be as a result of poor food handling process during the start of their investigation and today the have made it emphatically clear the cause of the incident.

Their earlier post on Facebook reads;

"Environmental assessment of the food preparation site located at Malejor and the three vending sites at Bush Canteen, Prison Joint and Sharp Curve Joint revealed poor food handling practices which could have resulted in the contamination of the food, leading to the foodborne disease outbreak." the FDA said

in the statement.

In other news, the husband of “yellow Sisi” also came out to say that, her wife could never plan of doing harm to her customers since himself along with other members of the family consume the same food.

"My wife can't do anything bad to her family nor her customers because we eat the same food anytime it's prepared”.

"My wife, one of her sales ladies and my daughter also reported to the hospital for treatment after eating the food. There is no way she will do anything to harm her customers," he is quoted to

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