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Sono Motors has decided to concentrate on erecting solar panels for vehicles and third- party businesses rather of its own solar- powered vehicle, the Sion. Following a near- death bankruptcy experience, the 2016- innovated Munich, Germany- grounded company indeed began trading on the NASDAQ late last time as part of a larger trouble to attract investors. It had firstly intended to begin producing Sion latterly this time in Finland, but those plans have ago been put on hold. 

 When Sono offered interested buyers a€,000 reduction if theypre-ordered a vehicle at the morning of December, the company was suitable to raise just over$ 105 million. In a now- failed attempt to attract interest, the company indeed went to 13 European metropolises. Sono has now conceded the fact that the crusade was supposed to run until February 28. 

 Laurin Hahn,co-founder and CEO, stated," We were impelled to reply to the ongoing fiscal request insecurity and streamline our business." Indeed though our original passion design, the Sion program, had to be put on hold, shifting our entire focus to business- to- business solar results gives us a chance to continue developing slice- edge solar products." We were forced to respond to the ongoing fiscal request insecurity and streamline our business, despite having entered over,000 reservations andpre-orders for the Sion." 

 The departure of the company's CEO, Thomas Hausch, will affect in the layoff of 300 workers. 

 Sono will keep developing its patented solar technology for integrating solar cells into third- party vehicles like motorcars in the future. It formerly has 23 guests lined up, including the MAN and Scania truck divisions of Mitsubishi and Volkswagen. It has guests each over Europe, Asia, and the United States. 

 Sono continues to believe that solar- powered electric vehicles will one day be feasible, despite the fact that the Sion program has officially ended. As a result, the company continues to work on developing and dealing panels. A solar panel tackle that can be retrofitted to motorcars and, maybe, one day, private electric vehicles like the Tesla Model Y or Hyundai Ioniq 5 is one design it's working on. The technology is formerly being tested by the alternate automaker.

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