May 28th , 2023


Osei Gabriel

2 months ago


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New details have emerged in the ongoing Zlantan Ibile and begun wire issue which have resurfaced online. Few years ago, zlatan ibile was arrested and beaten by a group of mob after he was accused of using segun wire for yahoo which was false. Fast forward, a new video have emerged where the mother of segun wire and segun himself have posted a video of themselves begging Zlatan for mercy and forgiveness and take back segun wire.

Yesterday popular Instagram blogger Mufasaednut narrated the issue on Instagram and, he posted a video of segun wire and his mum begging Zlatan along with the caption 

“I can remember before Zlatan became who he is now, he use to manage SEGUN WIRE "mo fe cha check"... but something happened along the line where they embarrassed Zlatan on social media. Agberos paraded him saving he has been managing the bov and that he has been spending the boy's money, which Zlatan never did.

The embarrassment that day no be here Oo! Them hold Zlatan for trouser and them been wan start to beat Zlatan. It sha ended that day between Zlatan and SEGUN WIRE. ZLATAN proved his innocence and never spoke to them

anymore. Look at God now. Zlatan faced his music, managed himself, and blew up. The rest is history. What do you guys think? Should Zlatan forgive and forget?”.

In another video circulating online, Segun wire has now boldly come out and begged Zlatan himself and begged Zlatan to forgive him and take him back, he further added that he is still living in poverty after his parents rejected him. The video is fast gaining attraction and online users are still calling on Zlatan to forgive segun wire and take him back

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