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The story of reincarnation is deemed to many as a fallacy, however, there have been stories about people who were believed to have lived again after their death. In most cases, such people may be seen in a different community or town far from where they first lived and they often disappear the moment someone well aware of their departure spots them. In this article, we going to be discussing the ordeal of a newly posted male teacher at koforidua who dated a ghost without knowing.

The young man who decided to keep himself and the particular school anonymous sent a letter out to radio presenter Tima Kumkum, explaining to her how it all happened and that he needs help. According to him, after he was posted to teach in the town of koforidua, he was on his way for rehearsals one day when he met this nice-looking lady and one thing led to the other to cut long story short they began dating. Upon their dating, he revealed that the young lady never wanted him to know either her parents or where she stays but the man who so disturbed because he was in love and was ready to risk it all to marry her.

He further added that eventually when he came back to Kumasi, he was able where exactly she hails from and went there, that was when he received the shock of his life. He was told that the particular lady had been dead for a long time so he might be dating a ghost all this while. Read his narration below;

“Hello Tima I'm a trained teacher and have been posted to one government school in koforidua for some time due to security reasons I won't mention the name of the school, please one evening on my way from church rehearsals I met this nice lady sitting under a tree near to my house crying bitterly so I approached her and asked what was eating her up and she told me she's from Kumasi and that her parents are late

so her aunt she lives with maltreats her too much so she runs away to anywhere she could find comfort and so I took her home hmmm Tima that night I slept with her it wasn't intentional but I really liked her and so after since I'm not dating life became so amazing honestly we have sex every day the only time we don't is when she's menstruating, Tima this

woman was an angel on earth to me she does everything for me, wash clean cook and treats me like a king and so I fell deeply in love with her and wanted to marry her at all cost but anytime I mention she will tell me she never wants any of her family members to know where she is this was baffling me so I told my mum about it and she advised that I take her a picture and start asking about her from friends or ask where in Kumasi she lives so I secretly go there to seek her hand in marriage before something happens and we don't know her people and so one weekend I took the pain and lied to her I was traveling with my mum to my fathers hometown and heeded straight to Kumasi because she had told me the area she lived, Tima it wasn't an easy experience since I didn't know where exactly I was going I got in the area and booked a hotel that Saturday evening and slept the following morning that was Sunday I started asking around with her picture only for one lady in the area to tell me oh she's Atta but she's a

twin and since they are identical she doesn't know if it's the one that is dead or the one that is Alive's picture I immediately said that my heart skipped a beat but I then again it could be any of them so I asked her to take me to their home which they did and immediately I arrived I saw my fiancé at the door but she didn't mind me and that is when I realized I'm in trouble so I quickly showed her the picture and told the family I live with their child on kofiridua and that is when I was told my fiancé had died, I just couldn't believe it they showed me pictures of her funeral, her obituary and all, Tima as I'm talking to you I'm so afraid to go back to my

house in koforidua I'm confused and scared please what do I do”.

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