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today, i want to tell you about a powerful Nigerian Apostle by name Apostle Arome Osayi of his encounter and experience of a witch he met in Ghana, Bolgatanga to be precise.

This man of God came to Ghana with his campaign of Christ. Throughout his program, he had an encounter with a witch and had a lot of experience with him.

In his video, he said the said witch is the warlock of a region in a specific town in Ghana (Bolgatanga)

He told his church that Bolgatanga is a seat for succorers that most Ghanaian Pastors fear to preach there. He said most pastors are comfortable to preach in Accra but not in Bolgatanga.

He also added that the father of the witch was the father of all wizards. The witch made mention to this Man of God that his father never slept at night in his entire life but rather sleeps at mid day. His father always sleep sitting with his back resting of a chair for the many years he knew his father.

The father of this witch was always seen at a shrine at night.

The father always has one thing to say at the shrine, he always say "I have no eyes, give me eyes, i have no legs, give me legs, I have no hands, give me hands" and this man sings this for three hours every night.

Apostle made it clear to his church from his experience with this witch that, Christians are really arrogant in prayers to the point that they always speak arrogantly and sometimes summon angles.

He said, Christians should learn the fundamental principles of gaining access into the spiritual realm.

below is the full video of the Apostle's experience with the witch.

click the link below to watch the full video and don't forget to subscribe the channel after watching.

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