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A year ago

Last Wednesday, the Hands of Gold Foundation conducted a free health screening and medical treatment exercise for almost 2,000 residents of Oduman and its surroundings in the Ga West District of the Greater Accra Region (HOGF).

As part of the celebrations for this year's International Women's Day, recipients of the exercise were tested and treated for Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Malaria, Ulcer, Diabetes, and High Cholesterol levels.

Also, complimentary eye exams and care were provided to the recipients.

Beneficiaries also had their insurance renewed or registered with the National Health Insurance System (NHIS) in addition to the health check.

The event this year had "Embrace Equity" as its theme.


Benjamin Opuni, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HOGF, said the exercise was their little contribution to the empowerment of women while speaking to the media at the ceremony.

He claimed that because of the significant role that women play in society, it is imperative that they maintain excellent health at all times, which is why the screening was timed to fall on International Women's Day.

The beneficiaries, who were largely women, were examined for typhoid, malaria, hepatitis, and hypertension, according to Mr. Opuni.

He was pleased with the attendance and promised that the HOGF would keep pushing for support for women's interests.

state of health

Hakeem Umar Toniah, a medical laboratory scientist at the Oduman Polyclinic, said the screening process gave the inhabitants the chance to be aware of their health status in advance.

He added that hypertension, diabetes and hepatitis seem to be prominent in the area, stressing, According to the figures we've screened thus far, hypertension appears to be the most common condition, followed by diabetes and hepatitis.

In order to lower the prevalence of diabetes and hypertension in the nation, Mr. Toniah said it was crucial for people to examine their lifestyles.

Akosua Adjei, the HOGF's finance director, stated that women and children were given more attention.

She said that over the years, her organisation has provided financial and other support to mothers and children.

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