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The Premier League has seen some extremely controversial moments over the years with Eric Cantona and Luis Suarez as perpetrators.

Eric Cantona's 'only regret' is not kicking more Matthew Simmons

The Premier League is recognized as one of the most dramatic and action-packed leagues in the world and is known for its intense physical football. Fans flock to the games every weekend to catch a glimpse of the action, but sometimes there are moments that highlight the inevitable bad side of English football - like the former star of English football. Liverpool, Luis Suarez and Manchester United icon Eric Cantona can admit. In no particular order, Express Sport takes a look at the 10 most controversial incidents that rocked the English top flight and what happened after.

Suarez bites  Ivanovic

During the 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Liverpool at Anfield in April 2013, the Liverpool forward collided with Chelsea defender Ivanovic as the two contested a corner. Ivanovic complained to referee Kevin Friend that the Uruguayan opponent had bitten him, even showing teeth marks on his arm and neck as evidence. Worse still, Suarez stayed on and equalized in the 98th minute for Liverpool.

With the points and replays there being clear evidence of what happened, Suarez was given a 10-match ban by the FA for his actions and received much criticism in the sport. Notably, it wasn't the first or last time he was caught biting an opponent.


Branislav Ivanovic was bitten by Luis Suarez during the Chelsea game against Liverpool in 2013 (Image:


Cantona's kung fu kick

Eric Cantona was a genius at Manchester United, but it always felt like the Frenchman could start at any time. And of course, Sir Alex Ferguson's army was dealt a blow when the French strategist lost all control in 1995.

Having been sent off for kicking Crystal Palace's Richard Shaw, who abused him during the match, Cantona saw a red mist fall as he made his way down the tunnel. Before he got there, he was subjected to numerous insults from the local crowd and was particularly displeased with one viewer, Matthew Simmons.

Throwing himself over the billboard and into Simmons, Cantona delivered a fierce karate kick at Simmons as he plunged into the crowd in Selhurst Park. The image of him catching the ball Simmons will forever ruin his extraordinary career after Cantona was banned from all football activities for eight months, in addition to a 120-hour community service order. 'Pizza'

Sir Alex Ferguson; A flying soccer cleat; Pizza. The real chain of events leading up to what is now known as the 'buffet battle' at Old Trafford in 2004 remains shrouded in mystery in what turned out to be an infamous chapter in the rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United.

After 49 games unbeaten, the Gunners finally got to see their phenomenal streak end in a whirlwind in Manchester. A Ruud van Nistelrooy penalty and a Wayne Rooney strike sealed a 2-0 win for the hosts, but the fierce battle between the two sides continued after the final whistle as they entered the lane. tunnel.

Anger flared up among staff at both clubs, especially after an unpunished Van Nistelrooy tackle on Ashley Cole. In the midst of the melee, a slice of pizza was thrown at Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and Cesc Fabregas later admitted to the act on Sky's A League of Their Own television show. weapon 

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