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At a presentation entitled "Driving Digital Inclusion In The Real Economy" at the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications' 2023 Mobile Technology for Development (MT4D) Conference, Huawei presented its perspective on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

At the event, which was held at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, Mr. Lee Maina, Head of FinTech, Huawei Southern Africa Region, stated: "It's the perfect time to expand FinTech from being ubiquitous to a tool used in deepening financial inclusion. Huawei is a Global Leader in FinTech Solutions with insight into current trends in Ghana, Kenya, and other Sub-Saharan countries where inclusion has heavily been driven by mobile money and its reach to the unserved and underserved

According to Mr. Lee Maina, the mobile fintech industry is transitioning into a new stage where client data is increasingly crucial for authentication, providing the best services, and conducting more accurate credit evaluations. In an increasingly crowded market where even new entrants are battling established incumbents, these tactics are no longer just "nice to have," but rather an essential component in maintaining and increasing market share.

We think the companies that possess the most valuable, pertinent, comprehensive, and authenticated body of data—which enables them to provide customers with the most appropriate services at the most appropriate time and at user-specific pricing—will prevail in the race for ownership of the customers' mind share.

We need coordinated efforts from all stakeholders to generate this rich data that is dispersed across various sectors, platforms, and players. This includes getting everyone online as well as collapsing our technology approach from one based on silos to one based on layers that facilitate information sharing.

By introducing this layered approach to FinTech Technologies as well as the upselling of optimal services, where the inindividualizedroposal for each user deepens based on our understanding of each customer's behaviours and wants, Huawei's FinTech 2.0 aims to close this gap caused by fragmentation.

As a global leader in ICT, our vision and mission is to make digital access to every individual, household, and business in octoate a fully interconnected and intelligent world. With Fintech 2.0, we continue to make significant investments in FinTech research and innovation, assisting players in the FinTech space to develop complete solutions that will bring value chains online, essentially attempting to address some of the ongoing issues they may be experiencing that go beyond payments.

By doing so, we eliminate any barriers to adoption, increase their resilience, and eventually produce the necessary data to expand services, spur localized innovation, and ensurethe  effective use of funds and resources.

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