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Rio Ferdinand and Jamie Carragher are once again at odds, with Carragher declaring that he is "happy to call him a clown" while reporting on the Champions League semi-final for CBS.

The Manchester United veteran and the Liverpool hero have already engaged in social media spats, and Carragher fueled the flames once more by criticizing Ferdinand's take on a penalty ruling during Inter Milan's 2-0 victory over rivals AC.

After a fight with Simon Kjaer, Lautaro Martnez collapsed inside the AC Milan box. The defender was initially given a booking by referee Jesus Gil Manzano, who then reversed his decision after being prompted by VAR to check his monitor.

In contrast to Ferdinand, who was reporting live from the San Siro for BT Sport on Wednesday, Carragher disagreed, and he didn't spare the former United player any criticism when he explained why.

When the broadcast was off the air, CBS showed Carragher reacting angrily to the judgment, saying: "I think anyone out there who is watching the replay and seeing what VAR do and still believe that is a penalty, they must be a clown."

Back in the studio, Carragher was then shown a Tweet that stated that his former teammate from Liverpool, Steven Gerrard, who was working on BT Sport with Ferdinand, still believed it to be a penalty.

'He was an attacking player, wasn't he,' Carragher said.

"He was somewhat liable himself under light contact—always light contact, never a dive. I can appreciate his perspective.

Micah Richards began to respond, "It's just when players in my position who are defenders, English defenders who are commentating on the game...," but Henry interrupted him and asked Carragher what he was about to say.

In reference to Thierry Henry, Carragher stated, "I can understand attackers thinking it was a penalty if you did, and Stevie was an attacker." He might have thought there was a tiny bit of contact.

But as defenders, we must remain together, right? I just felt like people were getting a bit over away.

Name names now, Micah Richards commanded, and Carragher responded, "Rio Ferdinand, I'm happy to call him a clown!"

Richards claimed he didn't want to get involved in any conflict between the two as Henry appeared surprised by Carragher's remarks and held his papers up to his face.

Last October, Carragher and Ferdinand engaged in a Twitter spat about Cristiano Ronaldo's participation at Manchester United under Erik ten Hag.

Ferdinand made light of Carragher's resentment at Ronaldo's refusal to shake his hand while he was appearing on Sky Sports News from Old Trafford.

"No, I'm happy it went viral!" Carragher said. Rio, I see how it goes; you, Evra, and the others are on the group WhatsApp, and he asks you to come out and defend him.

Don't be his fanboy; you're Rio Ferdinand, for crying out loud!

Then Ferdinand said, "What WhatsApp group? Cut it out, lads!When you and Roy Keane are in the studio together again, please bring the same energy. Quit being bullied.

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