Super computer predict ATM will eliminate United out of the champions league round of 16. But if they manage to eliminate Atletico, the Red Devils only have 3% possibilities of getting to the finals.

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After errors in the champions league round of 16 pairings, United were drawn to face PSG in the first champions league draw, but unfortunately, mistakes by Uefa saw the draw rejected.

The draw was held and Ronaldo Manchester United was drawn to face Diego Simeon side Atletico Madrid.

According to the supercomputer ,Manchester United believe to win the champions league will be brought to an end if they face ATM in the round of 16.

This could happen only if the supercomputer predictions comes to pass.

According to the five thirty eight computer, Manchester United chance of qualifying from the champions league round of 16  is just 38% ,regardless of keeping away from a horrible tie against PSG.

That is on the grounds that the supercomputer claims Ralf Rangnick's side just have a 23% shot at winning contrasted with Atletico's 53% when the different sides meet in the last 16 first leg in February - with a draw given a 24% chance.

In any case, the supercomputer allow United a superior opportunity of overcoming Atletico in the second leg with a level of 38, somewhat edging Atletico's 36% positioning - while the chance of them sharing the riches given 26 %.

In any case, based on United and Atletico's recent form, the supercomputer might have to change its discoveries.

The Red Devils  have won their last three Premier League trips while Atletico have lost a similar measure of La Liga games continuously.

Assuming United figure out how to keep up their recent good form and discard Diego Simeone's men in the last-16, they'll absolutely unhinge in the quarter-finals which the supercomputer allows them simply 12% opportunity of winning.

What's more regardless of whether they oppose the supercomputer back to arrive at the semi's, the infinitely knowledgeable machine actually accepts United have just a three percent probability of getting to the finals .