“Yh I killed my mum to buy Benz,you can also do same”

Osei Nuamah   2022-01-15   16 Valid views

It is said that the coming generation will do everything it takes for the paper, bring it killing or doing everything nasty,as far as it fetches them money they okay.

In a video uploaded by vimbuzzgh on Instagram, a young man who name is not out yet could be seen in the video rejoicing over how he killed his mum to buy Benz and that if anyone out there don’t understand his source of wealth and how he manage to buy his Benz,you can also kill your mum to buy one of them Benz.


His words were 

“Yh I killed my mum to buy my Benz if you don’t understand kill your mum also and buy some, Yh I killed her and bought the Benz today.” He said all this in twi.

watch video below;