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A musician who allegedly violently hit his girlfriend's right leg and kicked her in the genitals after discovering photos of her with another man has appeared in Court Adentan Circuit.

Benjamin Kobla Doamekpor allegedly fought with his 23-year-old girlfriend while talking on the phone and taking photos. Police said the accused committed the act when the victim wanted to leave the house after staying with him for a few days in Katamanso, Greater Accra Region.

The victim suffered a leg fracture, is at Plaster of Paris (POP), and is currently experiencing genital pain. Doamekpor pleaded not guilty to causing harm. It is expected to appear again on October 30, 2023. Doamekpor's lawyer requested bail, saying his client was not a flight risk and was willing to pay the victim's medical expenses.

The defense lawyer asked the court to grant Doamekpor bail because he has a fixed residence. The prosecution, led by Chief Inspector Maxwell Lanyo, objected to granting bail, saying the police had difficulty accessing the defendant to appear in court. According to the prosecution, police made many calls before the defendant could appear in court.

He said that although the defendant is on bail for a police investigation, the police still need his assistance in the investigation process. The court, presided over by Ms. Sedinam Awo Balokah, accepted the prosecution's prayer and remanded Doamekpor in custody.

According to the prosecution, the plaintiff is a businesswoman residing in Labadi, and the defendant is the boyfriend of the plaintiff's sister. The prosecution said that at about 9:00 a.m. on October 10, 2023, the accuser went to Adenta DOVVSU and claimed that the victim had visited the defendant in Amrahia.

The prosecution said the complainant told police that on October 1, 2023, she started receiving calls for help from the victim, who said that the defendant had beaten her to the point that her legs were pinned to his right in POP after suffering a fracture.

He said on receipt of the complaint, the police and the complainant went to Amrahia, where she led the police to a house in Katamanso, where the victim was seen in a room hugging each other, confirming the complainant's previous complaint. The prosecution said the victim was rescued, taken to Adenta DOVVSU, and questioned.

The prosecution said that the victim declared that she visited her boyfriend (the defendant) on September 25, 2023, and on September 27, 2023, she intended to leave but the defendant stopped her. He said Doamekper snatched his phone and looked through his messages.

The prosecution told the court that Doamekpor saw the victim's phone conversation as well as photos of the victim lying in bed with another man, which made him angry and assault her.

The prosecution said the victim told police that she fell and the defendant violently "stepped" on her right leg, causing a fracture, and at the same time kicked the victim's right leg in the genitals. 

The court heard that when the defendant saw that the victim had a broken leg and was unconscious, he took her to Saint Patrick Hospital in Koforidua for treatment.

The prosecution said the defendant asked the victim to tell her relatives that she fell into a gutter and broke her leg. When warned, the defendant admitted the crime but affirmed that he did not intend to hurt the victim.

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