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BLOGPAY is a platform that allows writers to publish articles and get paid. We believe in the power of writing and its ability to change lives. Our mission is to empower writers by providing them with a platform to share their stories and receive compensation for their work. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we're dedicated to helping people share their stories with the world. Our platform is easy to use and provides a variety of tools to help writers create beautiful, engaging articles. We aim to create a community of writers who are passionate about their craft and committed to delivering quality content.


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Register an account for free on BLOGPAY. Login with your crendentials provided.



Authors pay a one time Gh¢ 9.99 authorization fee to authorise their account and start adding posts


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Start publishing your articles on your BLOGPAY dashboard to start earning on views



Looking to make some extra cash by doing something you love? Look no further than BLOGPAY! Our platform allows writers to blog and get paid for their work. So if you're passionate about writing and want to earn money doing what you love, sign up for BLOGPAY today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Only authorise authors can publish articles and earn on BLOGPAY

You can only cash out when your balance reaches a threshold of Gh¢ 100

Views sync by close of the day. Invalid traffics are flagged and not counted as valid views.

Kindly use the live chat for assistance.

Kindly use the live chat for assistance.

Withdrawals Payment: Cashouts will be paid between 25th - 30th of every month. Do well to lodge a complain through our live chat if payment delays.


What our authors are saying about BLOGPAY

Blogpay as so far been a great opportunity for me. It’s been a means for me to earn money as a side income aside me doing my national service last year. I entrust you guys to also join Blogpay and you’ll never regret. Congrats team blogpay, Keep making Ghana proud.🙂👍

El Marcel


Blogpay is so far the most organised,legit and paying site for bloggers. Their costumer service is superb and active 24/7 to offer help.. Thank you myblogpay for helping the youth of Ghana...bigups

Edmond Boateng


As more and more people turn to the internet for new stories to read, Blogpay has given me the opportunity to write my articles which motivates my friends and also share stories around the world.

Felicia Asamoah


They'll Soon Be Outstanding ❤️❤️TRUST ME .They have good and responsive editors who take good care of the authors...they explain any problem authors bring on board and they make sure they solve all those problems in less than 30min... They are always the best.. I just love their idea of stripping off the 40% now we can write and publish good and quality articles at Peace... Thank you blogpay❤️❤️

Col Dark


I joined BLOGPAY last year and I must say their platform has really help me to earn some side income whiles pursuing my education in the University.

Omar Faruk


Blogpay has so far been the best work online platform, when it comes to earning by blogging, 👌I'd choose Blogpay over all other platforms any day, any time.

Sarah Takyi


In fact so far this is a legit and helping online business in the world. Blogpay is helping the youth of this country. God bless the team for this opportunity. May you live long.

Emmanuel Odoom


It's a dream come true. Wow... I have blogged on so many blog sites but none of them could amount or compare to BLOGPAY. Now I know that I'm on the legit and well paid Site and I won't be disappointed at all. My life will change for the best. Thanks so much to BLOGPAY and The Management for bringing the Vision into reality.

Chrisbass Relentless


Blogpay is helping we the youth in terms of earning money. Blogpay has helped me to have something to do for a living, it's the best and secure all over the world I'm proud to join Blogpay.

Oti Rubbevibes


Blogpay is genuine. Blogpay is the no:.1 blog site so far! Poverty is not good; I was nobody but now I can smile...🤗 Join us on BLOGPAY for more cash💰

Nana Adepa Richmond Richi Musi


I've been an author on Blogpay for some months now and I can say it has helped me a lot. To my colleague authors kindly keep the good work and let's build this together

Young Celebz



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