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In addition to winning awards for Company of the Year, Team of the Year, Management of Driving Safety (MODS) Excellence, Most Outstanding Contribution for Sustainable Development, Employee Empowerment Excellence Award, Health and Safety Management Practices, and Customer Safety and Security Management Practices, MTN also swept the top honours at the 2022 Health Environment, Safety and Security (HESS) Awards.


Winifred Dela Setor Smith, the chief of risk and compliance of MTN Ghana, was also named manager of the year.




Bui Power Authority also won five awards that evening in the categories of Employee Health & Wellbeing Initiatives, Employee Safety and Security Management, Sustainability and Operational Excellence, Environmental Management Practices, and Compliance, Reporting & Monitoring.


Top brands in the nation were recognised for their constancy in ensuring the health, safety, and security of their workplace on a glamorous and glitzy night. Building a resilient workplace and a sustainable business post-COVID-19: The Role of HESS was the topic of the event, which was hosted by Ianmatsun Global Services. The fourth edition is this one.




Speaking at the event, Diana Heymann-Adu, Board Chair of Ianmatsun Global Services Limited, stressed the need of starting the recovery process from the catastrophic impacts of the coronavirus epidemic by creating a stronger and healthier workplace.


"Ghana is not an exception to the harmful effects of the coronavirus epidemic, and it is crucial that the recovery process start with the construction of more durable workplaces and personnel. Companies would be better prepared for sustainability and a brighter future thanks to this, she added.




Although Health, Environment, Safety, and Security are all essential demands of existence, Alexander Ayatah, Executive Director, National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), stated that they still receive little in terms of financial resources and attention inside businesses.


"We must be aware of the significant costs of not addressing these challenges for the economy and for companies. In addition to the health, safety, and security of their employees and other stakeholders, we must be more dedicated to and concerned with the environment's well-being. I urge all of these businesses to make conscious efforts to invest in employee health, safety, and security programmes as well as initiatives to safeguard the environment, she said.


Isaac Adu-Gyamfi, the HESS Awards' events director, explained that the award's goal is to motivate companies in Ghana to implement health, safety, and security measures as a way to create a more resilient workplace and workforce as they seek to recover from the pandemic's effects.


To guarantee that the government puts the health and safety bill into law, he said that steps are being put in place. "We are supporting the passage of the measure. We have been going to the ministries for the past four years, and they have been updating us on the process and progress of the bill, but it has yet to go to parliament for a review before being passed. Despite this, we are optimistic because the bill will help solve many issues once it is passed, he said.







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