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Cool tips for cleaning your kitchen cabinets Part 4 


 11. Make sure you sanitize the fixtures 


 We are constantly touching cabinet fixtures to open and close doors, so it's important to sanitize them regularly . You can get the job done by dampening a cloth with a 50-50 vinegar-water spray and rubbing it in, according to Better Homes and Gardens. For a more thorough cleaning, Simply Beautiful Kitchens recommends removing the knobs or handles and tossing them in a bucket of vinegar and water (with a squirt of dish soap). Let them soak for an hour before scrubbing them thoroughly.This will work with the most durable 

 metal or ceramic fittings, but double-check if your hardware requires any special cleaning supplies. 


 Cool tips for cleaning your kitchen cabinets 


 12. Stay away from products that damage cabinets 


 The last thing you want to do when cleaning your kitchen cabinets is damage them. Make sure to test a surface, preferably in an area that can't be seen, any time you try a new cleaning product or tool. Clean My Space advises against using solvents to clean cabinets as they can dissolve some varnishes and avoid abrasive sponges, scouring pads or erasers which can leave permanent marks on your cabinets.Cool Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets 


 13. Relocate Items That Can Damage Your Cabinets 


 Appliances that give off heat or steam can damage your cabinets over time, especially if they're made of materials like plywood. According to Kitchen Art Design, be careful when using steam-generating items like kettles and pressure cookers to direct steam away from your cabinets.

If you have a toaster oven or coffee maker right under your cabinets, consider moving them to a different outlet when they're in use. The Spruce also recommends removing the cabinet doors if you are cleaning your 

 oven yourself.If you see damage to a device that you can't move, consider heat shields.


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