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Galamsey Queen' obtained a Ghana Card under the name Huang En in February 2022 - Report.

Despite her controversial deportation in 2019, Chinese national and illegal small-scale mining, galamsey, and kingpin Aisha Huang evaded immigration authorities and re-entered Ghana to conduct illegal business.

According to Citi News in Accra, Huang returned to Ghana via the eastern land border, i.e. Togo, despite the fact that he had previously left by air.

While the report is silent on when she first reentered the jurisdiction and how many times she has been in and out, it was discovered that she used a different name on her return.

This was proven by evidence that Huang applied for and received the Ghana Card in February 2022 under the name "Huang En" upon her return.

According to the Citi News report, she always fled Ghana when she received information about an impending arrest.

Despite arriving via Afloa, Aisha established herself in the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi, where she sold mining materials. She was apprehended along with other suspects in Ahodwo, Kumasi.

On Monday, September 5, 2022, Aisha Huang was remanded into custody by the Accra Circuit Court 9 presided over by Samuel Bright Acquah.

This came after Miss Huang and three other Chinese nationals were charged with engaging in the sale and purchase of minerals without a license, as well as mining without a license.

The court was unable to record the pleas of the four suspects because there was no interpreter to assist the Chinese nationals in translating proceedings.

The accused were not represented by an attorney. The case was postponed until Wednesday, September 14, 2022, by the court.

The main question on many Ghanaians' minds is how she re-entered the country without being detected until her recent arrest.

In 2018, Aisha Huang was arrested and deported from Ghana.

Ms. Huang, dubbed "untouchable" by some media outlets, was charged in 2017 with engaging in small-scale mining operations in violation of Section 99 (1) of the Minerals and Mining Act of 2006. (Act 703).

She was also charged with illegally employing foreign nationals and providing mine support services without a valid registration with the Minerals Commission, in violation of Sections 59 and 99 (2) of the Minerals and Mining Act (in breach of section 24 of the Immigration Act and regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations).

Her deportation meant that the state dropped the charges against her.

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