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A group calling itself the Kusasi Youth Movement (KYM) is requesting that the curfew in the Upper East Region's Bawku and its vicinity be immediately lifted.

The group claims that the area's curfew has made matters worse for those caught up in the dispute.

Recall that on Monday, September 19, 2022, the curfew hours for Bawku Municipality and its surroundings were renewed by the Interior Minister by Executive Instrument from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

The use of tricycles, ammo, and any other offensive weapons is also prohibited in the affected regions, and anyone discovered in possession of any firearms or ammunition will be detained and charged.

The administration also urged the local youth, chiefs, elders, opinion leaders, and populace to display restraint in the face of the difficulties they were facing and to employ peaceful measures to focus their energies on maintaining peace.

Additionally, the predicament compelled local basic school leaders to urge the Ghana Education Service to close down classes out of fear for their own safety.

Speaking on the subject to Starr News, which is watching, Haruna Abugri, the chairman of the Kusasi Youth Movement, called the curfew a subpar security measure.

This is one of the worst security methods, and it is really horrible and hurting us. As I've previously stated, the worst crimes are done during curfews since that is when you want to document the worst murders, assaults, and store looting.

He scoffed, "I wonder how a curfew can fix this."

The group claims that prohibiting the use of tricycles in Bawku is equivalent to prohibiting the use of buses and commercial vehicles (trotro) in Accra and Kumasi.

He added that the primary means of transportation for the impoverished in Bawku and its surroundings has been tricycles.

It is the only way for the hinterlands to get to the market center. How do you want residents in nearby communities to access medical care when they are ill and unable to be transported by tricycle to hospitals in town if you advise they shouldn't utilize it?

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