March 1st , 2024



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Your ladies and gentlemen I'm here to give the appointment for difference between fancy gadam and maccasio show , Ahmed mujahid bello popular known as fancy gadam who was doing his face or 10 years anniversary and it was come successfully which was done in 10th October 2022 and he was about to remember his fans the year or the date that he was started music which is 2010 to 2011 that he was started music and he still on music because he even more things Billy is a musically in billions and music because he can't stop stop music again that is why he was about to tell his fans who is now more than 10 years or so in music even though he was fallout to give more than 77,000 people and get over 7 billion Ghana cedi which shows that fancy gadam was I really really appreciate his house for what they did to him because he was not even expecting that money to have it but he get it due to back Marcus also come out with Glory album true or Glory album launch which was done in 12 November 2022 and the show was also come out successfully he wasn't dead people live 1,100 people in his shoe is that he was also so loud like two million Ghana cedis in the show which show that they are also aiming more things in the in the music that's why yesterday I can someone get 1 million strength and one player and still struggling to get and more things there because they are trying to raise northern region and this is not believe they're not giving each other you people should stop you're not giving each other is like entertainment just entertainment not be friends so if you take it like a cylinder and the council are fighting they're not fighting they will use you for money and we still follow them they will use her for money so we are not even we shouldn't make their first fight again because we are all human being and will show if you let someone else or someone fight it will be problem for you in judgement Day thank you for following US try to follow me on Facebook and talk to her and Instagram