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A 10-year strategy plan has been unveiled by the Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU) with the purpose of enhancing the country's access to and quality of technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

The 51-page plan, which covers the years 2023 through 2032, is focused on boosting student enrollment while taking fairness, diversity, and quality into account, as well as enhancing infrastructural facilities and services for research and teaching.

The strategic plan also aspires to develop and improve community service, research, teaching, and learning, as well as increase internationalization and stakeholder cooperation, notably with business, other academic institutions, and alumni.

The strategy will also work to enhance resource mobilization and utilization, corporate governance, and management systems in order to develop ecological agriculture through research, teaching, learning, training, and extension activities.

"Shaping the future of Bolgatanga Technical University" was the focus of the event.


Ironically, as a nation, "we earlier gave more attention to grammar-type education than technical and vocational education training," Upper East Regional Minister Stephen Yakubu remarked during the plan's unveiling.

He said, "It was wrong that as a country, we paid lip service to technical education in the nation's formative years, which has been a contributory factor to the nation's development." "As a result, technical education was reserved for the less intelligent students."

Fortunately, it appears that we have learned from our error, as evidenced by the government's current focus on technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

finding solutions

He said that the best approach to building a nation was through technical education, which was created to address social issues. He continued, "There are a number of peculiar problems in the region that the university must research and design the needed technology to solve."

"Interestingly, our technical universities and institutions were not set up to solve our national problems," Mr. Yakubu said, adding that their purpose required a paradigm change.

As a significant step towards the growth and development of the country, he expressed his happiness about the numerous technical universities spread around the country, adding that "if such institutions carry out their mandate diligently, they will be able to make meaningful contributions."

"As a technical university, you have a crucial role to play in the advancement of the region," he added, charging BTU with making sure the new strategic plan was effectively adopted and carried out to solve some of the various developmental issues the region is now facing.

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