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A charming village in Ghana's Eastern Region is called Suhyen. The village of Suhyen is located in New Juaben South. It is a centralized community, and Nana Kwaku Appiah is its leader. Honorable Agyei Boateng is the Juaben Constituency's Member of Parliament.The settlements of Oyoko and Sokode-Dwuaso are close by Suhyen.Suhyen-Mpaem is a town in Ghana's Eastern Region's New Juaben North Constituency. Three organized settlements—Anum, Krobom, and Aziadome—are contained inside Mpaem. 

This suggests that it is made up of Akuapem, Krobos, and Ewes. Additionally, they have palm wine tappers to help them. Suhyen-Mpaem is a town in Ghana's Eastern Region's New Juaben North Constituency. Three organized settlements—Anum, Krobom, and Aziadome—are contained inside Mpaem. 8 kilometers to the northwest of Suhyen is Kukurantumi. It provides a tranquil retreat from the rush of metropolitan life because of the surrounding lush foliage and rolling hills. The community in the hamlet, whose residents take pride in their customs and cultural heritage, is renowned for its warmth and friendliness.

The name Suhyen has an unusual backstory. History claims that there was a miscommunication between the Asantes and the people who are currently living in the Suhyen village. After that, they moved to the Eastern Region. They made the decision to acquire some water on the way so they could quench their throats. But the water had no name. Even though they were worn out, they had to keep going. Twi's word for "to cry" is su. Hyen, which means "to paddle" in Twi. So even if you sob, you would still need to paddle. In the village, farming is the main industry. Government employees do exist, although they frequently start their farming trip in the morning before heading off to work. In the village, there is just one government school. Suhyen's dedication to maintaining its deep cultural origins is among its noteworthy qualities. 

The enthusiastic and joyful celebration of traditional festivals and rites gives tourists the chance to fully immerse themselves in the culture. During these celebratory events, the air is filled with the rhythm of traditional drumming and dance, which spreads a contagious sense of happiness and community.Religion is also very important to them, and their spiritual practices frequently influence how they live their daily lives. 

Farming is the principal occupation and agriculture is the main source of income for the locals in Suhyen. In the rich soil, crops like cocoa, coffee, maize, and plantains flourish, adding to the agricultural success of the area. However, because subsistence farming is the main kind of agriculture in most communities, the produce from their fields is not produced on a huge scale. Small-scale businesses that produce handwoven fabrics and traditional crafts help to support the village's economy.For most residents of Suhyen, farming is their primary occupation and source of income. Crops including cocoa, coffee, maize, and plantains thrive in the fertile soil, contributing to the region's agricultural success. The majority of communities' primary form of agriculture is subsistence farming, therefore the crops they grow are not mass-produced. The village's economy is supported by small enterprises that create handwoven textiles and traditional crafts.

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