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Cindy Thompson

Cindy Ama Thompson’s success in the gospel scene is very young but nonetheless, very remarkable. She shot into fame with her amazing album, Cindy’s Messiah with her hit, Awurade Kasa, captured the number one position of the Ghanaian music charts for months. Her efforts have been rewarded with several Ghana Music Awards.

The awards include Gospel Song of the Year, Gospel Album of the Year, Best Female Vocal Performance, Gospel Song of the Period, Gospel Album of the Period, Best Praise Song of the Period and Outstanding Artist of the Year. She has four albums already to her credit.

Cindy’s talent of composing songs started before she was eight years old. As a reserved person, she used to compose songs and sing all day long to console herself. Her parents use to take her to their church, the MDCC at Dansoman.

There she joined the church choir and was later sent to the national choir of the church. She was an alto singer who used to sing solo when the choir performed at functions, church choir competitions and at church services.

In 1996, she started working on a personal album and by February 1998, she had completed the demo for her first album, Onokwafo Nyame. Shortly after launching her first album, Cindy began preparing for her second album, Cindy’s Messiah which was released in August 2000.

She performed at the Festival International- Gospel and Racines 2003 at Cotonou and Oguidah, both in Benin. Her participation in this festival was the result of her winning the Gospel Song of the Year at the Ghana Gospel Music Awards.

The festival brought together gospel and secular musicians from all over the world. Groups from the USA, France, UK, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, and Togo took part. She has also received a National Award from President Kufuor for her contribution.

Her major singles includeAwurade Kasa (meaning – ‘God Speak’) Dromo Sonn (meaning – ‘It is All Grace’), Anwawa Do (meaning – ‘Wonderful Love’), Nkunimdie (meaning – ‘Victory’) and Makokyem Nyame (meaning – ‘God, My Shield and Defender’)

The rest are; Awurade Wo Ne Made Nyina (meaning – ‘God You are My Everything’), Kwankyerefo Jesus (meaning – ‘Jesus the Shepherd’), Nyame Aguama (meaning – ‘The Lamb of God’), Awurade Bohye (meaning – ‘God’s Promise’) and Eyi Ne Odo (meaning – ‘This Is Love’)

Cindy has won a number of awards, including Gospel Song of the Year 2000, Gospel Album of the Year, Best Female Vocal Performance, Gospel Song of the Period (2000 – 2002), Gospel Album of the Period (2000 – 2002), Best Praise Song of the Period (2000 – 2002) and Outstanding Artist of the Year.


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